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Team Wet Planet

What do a classical pianist, a ballet dancer, a Dutch model, a member of the British junior table tennis team, a computer programmer, and a Princeton graduate all have in common?

Working as professional whitewater guides for Wet Planet.

We are a group of motivated, educated, and energetic individuals who have come together to share a passion for whitewater and river travel. We are also the most experienced and highly trained staff in the region…period!

Combined, we have commercial whitewater rafting and kayaking experience in eight countries and on over 100 sections of river, have been the first to descend rivers or explore mountains around the globe, have led expeditions further north than the Arctic Circle and as far south as the remote regions of Patagonia, and can do it all in five different languages.

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Staff Beginnings

The name Wet Planet was first spoken in a beat up Suburban while bouncing down a jungle road in Costa Rica. At the time, co-founders Todd Collins and Jaco Klinkenberg were discussing their vision for the ultimate whitewater company. Both are instructors for the National Outdoor Leadership School, ACA certified whitewater kayak instructors, Leave No Trace Educators, Wilderness First Responders, and veterans of the whitewater industry.

They envisioned a company that would:

  • Combine elements of outdoor education and river instruction with traditional guided trips to provide a complete, well-rounded river experience for guests both on and off the river.
  • Attracted the industry’s most energetic and skilled professionals by rising above current standards in place at other rafting companies.
  • Encompass more than a single geographic region; rather the company would take advantage of the amazing rivers found around the globe.

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