Wet Planet Rafting Decal

Haley originated from Pennsylvania and began river running as a toddler. Her first exposure to rivers started with canoeing and camping on the Delaware River with her family. When she was old enough, they’d go rafting on her home river, the Lehigh. They also took trips down to North Carolina in summers to raft the rivers of the southeast and journeyed to explore whitewater throughout the Northeast and New England. Haley became entranced by rivers and loved learning to read the water and feeling part of its flow. After many years running rivers and creeks in her trusty inflatable kayak, she converted to hard-shell kayaking in her junior year of high school.

Haley came to Wet Planet in 2018 after guiding on the Lehigh River for five seasons, working as an outdoor educator in California, and traveling abroad in Chile. When not on the water, Haley enjoys stargazing, making smoothies, nerding out over weird and cool ecology and bird facts, hanging out with her cat Metlako, hiking to waterfalls, camping in the woods, and multi-day river trips.

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