Owyhee River canyon geological features

Owyhee River Geology

The Unique Geology of the Owyhee Canyonlands The Owyhee River flows through the rugged wilderness for 120 miles in... Read More
January 2021  |   Todd Collins
Group of rafters on the river

Staff Spotlight: Niq Baldwin

If you’ve been lucky enough to take a trip with “Niq with a Q” you’ve only scratched the surface.... Read More
December 2020  |   Todd Collins
A scenic view of the Klickitat River in Washington.

History of the Klickitat River

In this brief history of the Klickitat River, we want to acknowledge and remember the historical and contemporary relationship... Read More
November 2020  |   Todd Collins
Kayaker smiling on the river with other kayaks in the background

Staff Spotlight: Josh Barza

Josh Barza, also known as “Pickles” joined Wet Planet as a lead kayak instructor in 2019. An integral part... Read More
June 2020  |   Todd Collins
Person wearing a Wet Planet hat on a multi-day river trip

The Wet Planet Online Store

Long-awaited has been an online store where you can shop for Wet Planet apparel and accessories from the comfort... Read More
April 2020  |   Todd Collins