If you’re feeling nervous about rafting the White Salmon River, you’re not the first – nor will you be the last! From jumping off the cliff at BZ, to taking the plunge over Husum Falls, or simply stepping into the raft at the put-in, we know the Class III-IV whitewater of the White Salmon River can be intimidating, both for first-timers and veteran rafters. The hardest parts of the day are actually optional, but often, folks who take on the challenge can be found in the photo room after the trip, their laughter ringing through the building as they look back on the incredible experience they just had, beaming with pride for accomplishing what they thought they couldn’t do. Here are a few folks who faced their fears head on, and shared those special memories with us!

Courage: overcoming the inner voice that’s telling you “I can’t do it”

Being brave for the kids – and having a blast!

Tackling Husum Falls and the cliff jump, and feeling SO PROUD after!

Finding freedom (and an adrenaline rush!) after pushing through fear

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Congratulations our awesome guests for challenging themselves, even on the hardest, optional parts of the day, such as Husum Falls, the Cliff Jump, and the Class IV upper section!

If you’re feeling apprehensive about rafting the White Salmon River, give our friendly reservations team a call at 800.306.1673. We’ll talk through the details, and help you determine which rafting trip is the best fit for you!