If you’ve never been on a multi-day river trip, it’s hard to know what to expect. No matter how much you scour the information packets, read about the trip, or look up photos and videos, it’s hard to truly know what you do on a multi-day rafting trip (besides rafting, of course). Here’s our take at showing you what REALLY happens on a multi-day river trip!

A typical day on a multi-day rafting trip –

Multi-day trips are…

Enjoying your daily coffee in the crisp morning air, with a “treat-yo-self” breakfast that you didn’t have to make.

On the river, multi-day trips are…

Enjoying the ride through the wilderness.

Learning how to row.

Taking on the rapids in an inflatable kayak.

And flipping your friend out of their kayak!

Along the way, we love…

Stopping to visit Yellowpine Bar and getting a tour of Sue’s garden.

Checking out the museum at Buckskin Bill’s and grabbing an ice cream bar.

Buckskin Bill Main Salmon

Seeing wildlife up close and personal.

Idaho Wildlife

When we’re off the river for the day and hanging out at camp, multi-day trips are about…

Watching your kids make new friends…

Multi-Day River Trip for Kids

…and find ways to entertain themselves when they don’t have access to screens!

It’s going for an evening swim with your partner…

…playing cards with your family…

…or having a cold beer or glass of wine with your best friends.

Not to mention, the scrumptious meals carefully crafted by your guides!

steak tacos on the river

multi-day rafting desserts

You can even try sleeping under the starts! (But don’t worry, tent’s are an option too.)

In the end, multi-day trips are really about connection. It’s about taking the time to connect with your family and friends free of the distractions of everyday life. It’s about meeting new people from all walks of life, and viewing the world from a different perspective. It’s about connecting with the natural world in its truest form. To experience the magic of a multi-day trip first hand, join us for a 6-day trip on Idaho’s Salmon River. We can’t wait to connect with you!

Author Sharon Saltoon is a kayak instructor and Communications Manager at Wet Planet. She loves being a part of the team at Wet Planet and sharing her love of whitewater on and off the river!