Alex Taylor, joined the the Wet Planet Team in 2021. In the 2 years since we have come to know him as a highly competent guide and support kayaker with a quiet and humble way about him. His professionalism, positive attitude, and cherished sidekick Bear have become vital members of our team that we’ve come to rely upon with confidence for all our day-trips. We’re lucky that Alex chose to make White Salmon, WA his home and join the team. We’re excited to see where the future takes his career and contributions to our many river adventures.

Alex Taylor first visited White Salmon, WA on a kayaking trip. Struck by the surreal and constantly changing landscape he decided to make White Salmon his home. Alex began guiding with Wet Planet shortly after that paddling trip, working as a paddle raft guide, trip leader, and support kayaker. In his time with us, Alex has established himself as one of the most talented raft guides and support kayakers in the Columbia Gorge. Alex is someone Wet Planet depends on each day not only to lead safe and exciting trips, but to mentor the next generation of guides to uphold the same standards.

Growing up in a hockey family along the Hudson River in upstate New York, Alex absorbed attributes like hard work, toughness, and teamwork that are on apparent in everything he does. Alex began kayaking and raft guiding in 2017 on his backyard river, the Upper Hudson. This highly underrated stretch of whitewater was a perfect place to gain experience and confidence to explore other challenging rivers around the world. 

Eventually, Alex moved out west, guiding on the Arkansas, Lochsa, South Fork America, and the White Salmon River. Amassing a well rounded skill set, Alex made the trek down to Southern Patagonia to guide on the world famous Rio Futaleufú. This premier section of Chilean whitewater features some of the biggest, most challenging raftable whitewater on the planet. In a lot of ways the Futaleufú is a proving ground, a place where guides can test their skill against challenges that are hard to duplicate. While on the Futaleufú, Alex guided guests in a stern mount oar frame raft, rowed safety in a Cataraft, and provided safety in a kayak as well. Alex’s adaptation to a variety of jobs on mountainous river features, not to mention learning Chilean slang, puts him in a special group of guides who can thrive in this unique environment. We see Alex display the confidence he gained guiding in Southern Patagonia each time he slips into the back of a raft at Wet Planet. 

Alex guiding on the Hood River

After a dismal start to the 2022 winter, our projections were for a third consecutive season with no Class V spring trips. A series of unusually powerful storms ripped through the Gorge in March, opening the door for a long, and high-water season on the Class V Wind River and Hood River. Based on his proven ability on the White Salmon, previous Class V experience, and familiarity with these sections in a kayak, Alex was among a few guides called on to train and begin leading trips on the Wind. The Wind River is Wet Planet’s premier section of challenging whitewater, requiring elite levels of training, planning, and execution by our guides. Senior Wet Planet guide and co-owner, Todd Collins led several days of training on the Wind which resulted in Alex being checked off to both guide and support kayak. Since that day, Alex has been on all but one Wind and Hood trip, guiding and kayaking at the high level needed to be successful in this type of environment. Alex’s confidence and ability on our most challenging stretches of whitewater have made him a lynchpin of our spring team at Wet Planet. Far from the loudest voice in the room, Alex inspires confidence through his calm demeanor and an understanding amongst his teammates that he will always be in the best position to help should things not go according to plan. 

Off the river, Alex is a skilled carpenter and artistic woodworker. Wood is the medium he uses to carve and create images inspired by the surrounding landscape. Alex has created some beautiful pieces the past two years and we are always excited to see what he comes up with next. Wherever you find Alex, you are likely to find Bear, the friendliest and stoutest dog you will ever meet. Bear’s muscled exterior and sweet personality make him hugely popular amongst everyone who visits Wet Planet, and a perfect companion for Alex.

Looking ahead to 2024 we anticipate a full slate of spring and summer trips at Wet Planet. The much anticipated spring runoff is certain to bring out the very best in Alex as it always has. If you are joining us in the spring for the Wind, Hood, Klickitat, or highwater White Salmon, chances are good that Alex will be on the trip. Guests targeting the Upper White Salmon and Husum Falls later in the summer are also likely to encounter Alex on the water. We are beyond grateful to have Alex as a part of the Wet Panet Team. Alex’s experience, calm demeanor, and exceptional skills on the river are an asset to not only Wet Planet, but each person fortunate to spend the day on the water with him. We’re so glad White Salmon, WA captured his heart and brought his cherished presence (and Bear’s) to Wet Planet’s doorstep.

When booking a trip, you can request Alex as your guide. He’s sure to impress you with his skills on the the river and offer you an enjoyable day through his calm demeanor. We are beyond grateful to have him on our team