It was not hard for the Wet Planet spotlight to find Marcus Tarzian. Marcus quietly has made himself one of the most valued and appreciated guides here at Wet Planet. Thank you Marcus, for being such a great and thoughtful team member. Thank you for being an excellent guide for our rafting guests and taking the initiative to become an exceptionally valued river rescue instructor. We see and appreciate you stepping into a leadership role for 2024 and for being a genuinely great person. We appreciate you and love working with you!

Marcus hit the ground running with Wet Planet in 2023 and has not stopped moving since! The myriad of whitewater opportunities at Wet Planet have aligned perfectly for Marcus, whose interests extend beyond simply rafting day trips.

From the Mountains to the Rivers

The foundation of Marcus’ career in the outdoors has been a continued search for new skills, perspectives, experiences, and strategies to enhance not only his experience, but all those around him. This began with taking a love for skiing, and turning it into a career as a ski patroller. On the ski slopes, when Marcus shows up, someone is likely having a bad day. Marcus’ confidence gained from training, teammates, and experience is what allows Marcus to make someone’s bad day turn into the best outcome possible. Ski patrollers often make their way from the snowy mountain peaks to the river valleys below when the seasons change. Marcus began river guiding on the challenging Poudre River in Colorado before joining the Wet Planet team in 2023. With private trips on the Grand Canyon and Skykomish, Marcus’ gravitation towards challenging rivers has churned out a very skilled and poised boater, and raft guide. When Marcus gazes down into a canyon he admires both the beauty carved out by the river and ponders ways to “unlock” the whitewater challenges below.

Finding Inspiration

Marcus jumped at the opportunity to take Wet Planet’s River Rescue Pro course in the spring of 2023. Beyond the standard rescue course, Wet Planet owner and certified rescue instructor Todd Collins, teaches a course designed for professional guides and experienced private rafters and kayakers. This course provided Marcus a more advanced perspective on river rescue and safety which he immediately put to use on the White Salmon River. Marcus says the river running philosophy, professionalism, and skill at Wet Planet, make for the most solid team he’s had the pleasure of working with. It gives him the chance to push his own skills and take on new challenges throughout the season.

Always thirsty for more knowledge, more experience, and more tools, Marcus took all the inspiration from a full season at Wet Planet to embark on a trip in California to become a certified rescue instructor with Sierra Rescue. Marcus described the course to be as challenging as it was rewarding. Marcus no longer looks at rescue solely from the view of a rafter and kayaker. He now understands the immense value rescue courses have for biologists, firefighters, and anyone working in or around a river who can benefit from a course. Surrounded by seasoned professionals and budding instructors, Marcus was able to find his voice as an instructor in the rescue realm. Pulling his favorite teaching and communication methods from members of the class, Marcus walked away ready and eager to continue his career as a rescue instructor with Wet Planet.

Next for Marcus

Marcus’ philosophy on leadership is to set the example by doing, and inspire others to follow. We are very excited to watch Marcus step into several new roles at Wet Planet in 2024. He will be heavily involved with Todd Collins and the rescue courses we offer throughout the spring and summer. Working side by side with Todd will give Marcus the continued experience and local knowledge to lead courses in the near future. Marcus is on track to become a Trip Leader for the White Salmon River, a distinguished position set aside for guides who have the skill, experience, and medical training to ensure that every trip lives up to Wet Planet’s high standards. Marcus will also make his way into our multi-day scene, guiding on the famous Main Salmon river in Idaho. We are excited to watch Marcus grow into his ever expanding role at Wet Planet.

Big thank you to Marcus again. It is going to be a great 2024 for Marcus at Wet Planet!

It is the people within the team that makes everyone’s dreams come to fruition at Wet Planet!
Come join the team and join the Wet Planet family for memory making, and career building time on the rivers of the Columbia River Gorge and beyond.