Two students on a swiftwater river rescue course belay a raft in the river with ropes.
An instructor teaches students how to set up a mechanical advantage system on a river rescue course.
An instructor simulates a foot entrapment in a creek while students attempt to stabilize him with ropes on a swiftwater river rescue course.

2-Day Pro River Rescue Certification Course



2 Days April - Sept
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    Requirements: Must have previously taken a river rescue course

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    Certification: RRC-Pro certification through Sierra Rescue International

River Rescue Training Course for River Guides and Kayak Instructors

Taking river rescue training for boaters to a new level, the 2-day River Rescue Certification for the Professional (RRC-Pro) is a fast-paced, scenario-based rescue course designed to develop the ability to choose appropriate actions when a river rescue is necessary. This hands-on and physical course focuses on quick reaction time and a thorough understanding of options and resources. The skills testing component will also emphasize knowing personal limits and skill level, knowledge of basic rope skills, and the ability to execute a rescue as part of a team at night. Students will receive internationally recognized certification through Sierra Rescue International.

Prerequisite: Must have previously taken a River Rescue Course.

Who this course is ideal for: This curriculum has been designed for individuals who spend a good portion of their lives on whitewater rivers in a professional capacity (specifically river guides and kayak instructors) or paddlers who already have a solid base of boating and basic rescue skills and are interested in working on the river in a professional capacity in the future. Private rafters, kayakers, and other boaters should take the 2-day River Rescue Certification (RRC) course. Fire and SAR personnel should take the NFPA-compliant Swiftwater Rescue Technician (SRT-1) course. DWR, Fish and Game personnel, environmental consultants, fisheries biologists, and other professionals who work around streams and rivers should also consider the Whitewater Rescue Technician (WRT).

What Makes the RRC-Pro Different

Higher pace and intensity of exercises: Everything in class will be designed to challenge folks who spend a good percentage of their time on the river. Scenario-based learning will challenge students with realistic rescue situations.

Addition of a night operation: River professionals on overnight trips need to be able to respond in the dark. Understanding the challenges and how to organize for success is critical as well as knowing what extra items must be on hand. This nighttime scenario may be a search, a swim, or both. It will be up to the instructor based on the location of the course, the weather, and the river flows.

Addition of skills and performance evaluation: The objective here is to assess a student’s ability to “perform” rescue skills. These include good access and assessment skills and the ability to stabilize a scene and evacuate a patient. Emphasis is on the actual skill set and the student’s ability to know their strengths and weaknesses. This section will include swimming, self-rescue, throw bagging, basic rope skills, and the ability to operate as part of a team.

Addition of a task book: Adding the task book allows for constant re-certification and continuing education. Students can keep their skills up-to-date through various options, including online training, workshops, yearly 1-day updates, and refreshers. This will be clearly defined in the course and the back of the workbook.

The RRC-Pro is the premiere river rescue course available specifically for professional river guides and kayak instructors!

Dates & Pricing

2024 RRC Pro Dates:

  • April 4-5
  • May 23-24

2024 RRC Pro Cost: $300 for certification by Sierra Rescue International. Lunch is not included, but feel free to bring your own. The Wet Planet Café has an assortment of delicious hot and cold sandwiches and other tasty offerings available for purchase.

Requirements: A solid foundation of river paddling skills

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A student on a Sierra Rescue International river rescue Pro course prepares to practice rescuing an unconscious swimmer.

“Great River Rescue Course – A group of us were in White Salmon and Husum for a River Rescue Certification courseThe course was very well done and all agreed we learned a ton. Jeff and Seamus were wonderful instructors and highly recommended.”

- Stone L. from Boise, ID

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