Class V Water Level Alert List

Wet Planet offers two different Class V trips on the Wind River and the Hood River! The Wind River has reliable water levels during the spring months, and we are able to take advance reservations for the Wind River. The Hood River only runs when when the rain and snowfall are perfect. You can sign up to be notified when they are running via our Water Level Alert list.

Please note that Class V trips only run for a short period each season, and some years may not run at all. For an exciting rafting trip that runs April-September, check out the White Salmon River. With its Class III and IV whitewater, the White Salmon offers big, exciting rapids, active paddling, and an unforgettable adventure!

Class V Rafting Options

  • The Wind River  – April / May
    One of the most challenging commercial river rafting runs in the Pacific Northwest, the Wind River cascades through tightly spaced boulder gardens and steep ledge drops in a series of Class IV to Class V rapids. It’s fast-paced and anon-stop rush of adrenaline, taking rafting to a higher level by delivering the perfect combination of whitewater challenge and spectacular scenery.
  • The Hood River  – April / May
    The West Fork and Main sections of the Hood River combine for 15 miles of Class III-V (depending on water levels) rapids through spectacular Pacific Northwest wilderness. The first 6.5 miles are on the West Fork until Punchbowl Falls, a cauldron formed from Mt Hood’s ancient volcanic eruptions. After enjoying lunch around the waterfall, the West Fork meets the East Fork. The next 7.5 miles of big, fun water are an exciting change from the steep boulder garden rapids of the morning. String these two sections together and you experience one continuous, whitewater rollercoaster.

Water Levels for Class V Rafting Trips

During the spring rainy season, the Hood River opens up, pending water levels. When the water levels look right, we assess the conditions and access to the run, letting eager guests on the waiting list know when it’s good-to-go. Sign up for our Class V Water Level Alert list, and we’ll let you know when the river can be run throughout the spring!

Requirements for Class V Rafting Trips

  • Minimum age 18 for the Wind, age 16 for the Hood River
  • Class IV rafting experience (such as the White Salmon River)
  • Competent swimming ability
  • Good physical health

Reserving Class V Rafting Trips

We are able to take advance reservations for the Wind River. To be alerted when the Hood River is running, sign up for the Class V Water Level Alert list. Please note, while we do our best schedule trips when the water is appropriate, sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. If you reserve a trip and the water levels are too low or too high, we will defer to the next Class V option. While we’re aiming for a specific river, you’re reserving a Class V trip – you may end up on a different river than the one you reserved.

If you meet the requirements listed above and would like to be notified about upcoming trips, join the Water Level Alert list.