I don’t know about you, but my mama has always been, and still is, my biggest inspiration for my outdoor pursuits. While the mama-women in our lives can come in the shapes of grandmothers, mothers, aunts, friends, or other inspiring ladies, all are incredibly selfless and caring individuals. How great is it that we can take a day (and hopefully a whole weekend) to honor them, celebrate them, and remind them just how much they mean to us.  

Finding these special women the perfect gift can be challenging, luckily, we’ve put together some great gift ideas for the adventure mamas in your life.  There are so many ways to show your love and appreciation for the mama, or mom figures, in your life. From spending quality time together and going on an adventure to lavishing her with gifts like fresh flowers and chocolate, there are many ways to show how much you care. This Mother’s Day we want to share some helpful tips for those looking to celebrate the adventure mamas in their life. 

Let’s dive right in! Here are some gift ideas for your adventure mama:


This may seem like a cliché gift, but it’s popular for a reason. Many mamas really do love the simple thought of bringing her flowers (or a potted plant). Make sure she knows you are thinking about her with flowers this Mother’s Day. Thanks to the incredible volcanic soil in the Columbia Gorge, flower gardens and wildflowers are easy to come by – especially in the springtime. Likewise, there are many flower farms and florists in and around Hood River, including a favorite of ours: Lucy’s Informal Flowers

If you can’t deliver the flowers yourself, consider using a service like Teleflora.com, a company that hand delivers bouquets made by local florists and flowers (this is also a great way to not add to the carbon footprint created by shipping flowers worldwide!).

Cook Her a Fabulous Dinner!

Put in a bit of kitchen time and cook a delicious meal using fresh ingredients grown in and around the Hood River/Columbia Gorge (or your local area). Head to the Farmer’s Market, nearby farms, or locally owned stores like Treebird and pick up some seasonal produce. Top off the evening with some local beer, wine, or cider from one of the Gorge’s numerous producers.

Or if you are in the Portland area and you are not much of a cook yourself, consider ordering a meal from the amazing chefs at the Wolfella Food Company. This local food company has collected recipes from the best chefs in the country and offers an amazing menu full of dinners using local ingredients. They will then prep the meals and deliver them right to your doorstep.

Portable Hammock

Adventure mams love to be outside. Allow her to find relaxation anywhere she goes with a portable hammock. We love the ENO Travelnest, crafted with durable materials and easy to set up, it’s the perfect companion for outdoor adventures, whether she’s camping in the wilderness or lounging in her backyard oasis. Like any versatile outdoor gear, this baby packs up small and is lightweight, perfect for a river trip, afternoon outing on the trails, or stashed easily in the trunk for any ‘ol time.

Osprey Poco Child Carrier

For the adventure mamas with younger ones, this pack is a vital ingredient to getting out and hitting the trails with your kiddo. We love to explore the trails around the Columbia River Gorge, especially the scenic Flume Trail along the Hood River or BZ Falls along the White Salmon River.

As a bonus, it’s also a great travel buddy if you’re mama adventures abroad with her little one(s). What do we love about it? Just like a good backpack, it’s got hip straps to keep the weight off of your shoulders. It has a sun shade built in to keep the little ones protected from the sun. It also stands on its own for ease getting the kiddo into the pack and then onto your back. Perfect for the independent adventure mama.

Camping Cookware sets

Elevate her outdoor cooking experience with our premium cookware set, designed for the adventurous culinary enthusiast. From sizzling skillet meals to gourmet campfire feasts, our durable and versatile cookware ensures she can whip up delicious meals with ease, wherever her outdoor escapades take her.

Some good additions to an adventurous mama’s camping gear include a gourmet kitchen tool set or a lightweight and compact new camp stove.

Plan an Epic Day

Moms do a lot of planning and organizing, so trust us when we say that if you plan a full day of activities and meals that mom gets to enjoy, she will be stoked. The key with this gift idea is 100% commitment from YOU (as in, plan the whole day without asking her for help). Simply allow Mom to be along for the ride. Not sure where to start?
Here’s a great example:

Tell mom that you have breakfast reservations at a great restaurant (consider Bette’s Place in Hood River or White Salmon Baking Co. in White Salmon), after breakfast plan an afternoon activity outdoors (like a 1:30 pm rafting trip on the White Salmon River!). End the evening at a nice restaurant or whip up a nice meal at home.

Plan a perfect day that builds lasting memories, and make sure to accompany her. While moms like to relax on Mother’s Day, we still like to spend time with our loved ones.

Local Outdoor Artwork

If your adventure mama is a lover of art, gifting local is a great idea. Check out Christina McKeown, an amazing outdoor woman and artist from Hood River. We have her art in our shop – using it for our cool art cap collection! Meet an extraordinary outdoor enthusiast and talented artist from Hood River. By day, she’s a dedicated nurse, but when she’s not caring for others or exploring the great outdoors, you can find her immersed in her artistic endeavors. You can now enjoy Christina’s beautiful artwork in our shop, adding a touch of creativity to our cool art cap collection.

Bomber Outdoor Apparel

A classic go-to is gear to enjoy her outdoor adventures. As Wainwright said over 50 years ago: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing” which holds true today more than ever. The right clothing makes even getting caught in the rain a fun adventure if you’re wearing the right clothes to weather the storm. But there is SO much gear out there, what’s the right thing to buy? There isn’t a right answer, but here are some local and personalized ideas to get you exploring gear:

Personalized Outdoor Gear 

You can find some great personalization options on Etsy, bonus if you search for independent sellers in your area. You can also find bomber gear and get it personalized at a local shop like Northwest Graphic Works. Yeti mugs, rain jackets, beanies, etc… add that personal touch to make it extra special.

Outdoor Hats

Mamas love a good hat, to keep her noggin warm, or to keep the sun off her face. We have some great hat options featuring local art on our online store.

Funluvin Fleece Wear

We love this woman-owned company with fun patterns and warm fleece that adventure mamma can wear at camp, on the river, on the trail, or on a chilly morning at home. Fleece is a great outdoor material that keeps you warm even if it gets wet. With fun patterns and warm skirts, we love Funluvin Fleece wear and we think our adventure mamma’s will too.

Pamper Her 

Treat her (and yourself!) to a mani-pedi at one of the numerous nail salons, or book a massage and spa day (which includes soaking in an outdoor hot pool and sauna) at The Society Hotel and Spa in Bingen, WA. 

These amazing women no doubt deserve a day to relax, unwind, and provide physical and mental healing for bodies that do a lot on a daily basis. Moms often put their wellness behind their kids. Helping them pamper themselves is a great way to remind them to take that much-needed revitalization.

Gift an Experience

Gifting an experience speaks volumes to her sense of adventure and her value on being outdoors, and experiencing the world around her. These gifts also provide lasting memories that the whole family can cherish for years to come. Here are some specific ideas of what you can do with mom to celebrate:


Take your mama out on a rafting trip with Wet Planet! Together you’ll enjoy the exhilarating rapids of the White Salmon, Klickitat, or Wind Rivers, be immersed in the breathtaking beauty of the PNW, and create unforgettable memories of adrenaline-fueled adventure. And get some awesome photos to remember the adventures by.

Beginner Kayak Course

If Mom likes to learn new things and experience more in the outdoors, a gift certificate for a beginner kayak course will have her quickly mastering the waves alongside her expert instructors. A huge bonus would be for you to join as it’s the perfect opportunity to bond over newfound aquatic adventures.

Sip and Paint

Spend an evening together sipping on local wine while exploring your creative skills at Joys Art Studio in Hood River, Oregon.

Pottery Class

Indulge her creative spirit with pottery classes at The Clay Commons. There she can immerse herself in the therapeutic art of pottery making while creating lasting memories and unique pieces to treasure.

Good Medicine Tea Bundle

If your adventure mama is a tea lover, she will love Good Medicine Teas. Woman-owned by Wet Planet alum, and local Alexa, with her husband Turner, these two select and blend award-worthy teas. They make great gifts and are a great way to support local.


No matter what you do this Mother’s Day, it is important to remember that in the end, it is about spending quality time together, showing her how much you appreciate her and all that she has done for you, and creating lasting memories. 

At Wet Planet, we love our adventure mammas, they made us who we are today. Thanks to all the great mamas out there!

Wet Planet cofounder, Jaco rafting with her mom