Meet Claire! As Wet Planet raft guide and kayak instructor since 2021, you may have seen her infectious smile, witnessed her knowledge and patience during a kayak lesson, or cheered with her after a stellar run on the river. Read more to learn why she loves boating, her favorite rivers, and her passion for teaching!

Wet Planet guide and kayak instructor Claire.

Mellow Waters to Class V Runs

Claire began her whitewater journey in 2016, where she dipped her paddle into the mellow sections of a local river near Salt Lake City every Sunday. Alongside her mom, Claire embarked on a kayaking adventure that would set the stage for her future endeavors. Quickly falling in love with the sport, Claire moved to Colorado in 2017, becoming a kayak instructor and learned how to paddle raft. Her adventurous spirit pushed her to the breathtaking canyons of Moab, where she pivoted from paddle guiding to mastering the art of rowing on multi-day river trips. In 2021, Claire brought her wealth of experience and enthusiasm to Wet Planet, where her eagerness to learn and passion for the river continue to create ripples throughout the whitewater community and beyond.

Stepping into the Driver’s Seat

After a packed summer of guiding and instructing with Wet Planet, Claire headed East to explore new rivers and set higher challenges for herself. After months of travelling and boating, she casts the Russell Fork, Green River, and Tallulah River at the top of her favorite’s list. While these rivers proved exhilarating, they also demonstrated Claire’s further steps in seeking independence in boating and the joy of embracing challenges head-on.

In the earlier stages of her kayaking career, Claire focused on learning as much as possible from others with more experience by following their lines and directions. While she will always embrace the learning role, this fall, she stepped into a position of independence by making decisions and deeming herself ready to step up to these difficult rivers. Reflecting on her time in the southeast, where she traveled solo, Claire took pride in stepping into the driver’s seat of her boating journey. While she found liberation, she also fostered connections with fellow boaters, a favorite aspect of the whitewater community. 

Sharing the Passion & Finding Self

Claire’s adventures highlight the supportive and interconnected nature of the whitewater community that is felt throughout the world. From encountering familiar faces on both sides of the country, she cherishes the support and camaraderie that define the whitewater community. At Wet Planet, Claire finds incredible joy in her job through her coworkers, now her closest friends, and the river’s power. The established bond among the team revolves around their love of the river and the natural environment, which they hold in the highest esteem. For Claire, it’s a unique gift to share this passion with others, witnessing the spark of enthusiasm ignite and grow, which she experiences most with First Descents. She witnesses the impact of the river as it serves both as an outlet for fun and a tool for healing and growth.

Claire’s whitewater adventures have also become a journey of self-discovery, revealing what her best self looks like, which she holds as a profound and beloved gift. This ideal serves as the driving force behind her continuous commitment to the river and her passion for sharing it with others. Claire finds immense joy in helping people uncover their best selves through the transformative power of the river. Beyond a mere paycheck, her job at Wet Planet is a source of fulfillment and joy. Claire’s enthusiasm for the holistic benefits of whitewater adventures radiates in her genuine appreciation for a job that goes beyond the ordinary.

Future Adventures

With her adventurous spirit still burning, Claire recently purchased a one-way ticket to Ecuador, where she will continue to challenge herself on new rivers, expand her whitewater community, and further her independence. Despite the allure of the rivers in the Southeast, Claire plans to find her way back to the Pacific Northwest in the Spring because there’s no place quite like the Gorge. She looks forward to taking everything she’s learned and using it to have an incredible early season with Wet Planet on the Hood and Wind Rivers. 

Raft with Claire on the White Salmon or kayak with her during one of our many kayaking courses!

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