Skills training for whitewater paddlers, kayak instructors, raft guides, and search and rescue professionals.

We love sharing our passion for river running with other paddlers and river enthusiasts. Taking advantage of the wide range of river experience among our team of guides and instructors, we offer skills training and essential certifying courses for both recreational paddlers looking to improve their skills and knowledge on the river as well as industry professionals working as raft guides or kayak instructors.

River Rescue Courses

Taking river rescue training for boaters to a new level, Wet Planet provides fast-paced, scenario-based rescue courses designed to develop the ability to choose good actions when a river rescue is necessary. For kayakers, rafters, and river guides, we offer the River Rescue Certification and River Rescue Certification – Pro courses, with certification through Sierra Rescue International. For Search and Rescue professionals and agency personnel needing river rescue training, we offer the Swiftwater Rescue Technician and Whitewater Rescue Techician courses, with certification through Rescue 3 International.

Paddle Raft and Rowing Guide School

Our paddle raft and rowing school courses are designed for anyone looking to develop a solid foundation in river travel – both those who wish to seek employment in the river industry as well as those who wish to learn the skills needed to captain/guide their own raft on private trips. The Wet Planet Rowing and Paddle Raft Guide School includes a 4-day Owyhee River multi-day raft trip as a part of the curriculum! Students will learn the logistics of overnight raft trips, while practicing their rowing and guiding skills traveling through the Owyhee River canyon. On the Main Salmon Multi-Day Rowing School, students will learn the logistics of overnight raft trips, while developing their rowing and guiding skills during a 6-day wilderness river adventure.

ACA Kayak Instructor Courses

The ACA Kayak Instructor Course is for whitewater kayakers interested in working as professional kayak instructors or simply developing proficiency in kayak teaching techniques. This instructor training course leads to certification as a whitewater kayak instructor by the American Canoe Association. The course combines on-water demonstrations and presentations in a variety of environments with discussion sessions on teaching methodology, skill development and peer feedback.

Wilderness First Responder Medical Training

The Wilderness First Responder course is designed with outdoor professionals and outdoor enthusiasts in mind.  It is the industry standard for most wilderness guide services and environmental education programs. The course focuses on developing skills for treating medical problems and injuries in a wilderness setting outside of the “golden hour” of first response, under extreme conditions with limited equipment.

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