Are you like many of us, dragging your feet on holiday shopping because you need ideas? We would love to help you find something special. Please consider supporting the young starting artists in our Wet Planet community, small business owners, people with a passion for the river and for the art they are inspired to create, or the experience they enjoy providing. They are truly some of the most inspiring and talented people.

Support a small business locally when you can, it makes a huge multi-dimensional impact. To help you in your search we compiled a small list of some ideas and favorites from the team at Wet Planet – some of these artists are (former) Wet Planet team members!

Hard Carved Decorative Paddle

Some paddles are made to use on the river, but these are work of art intended to decorate your house.  Many of you will recognize woodworking artist, Alex Taylor, as one of our lead guides at Wet Planet.  When Alex is not spending time on the river, he is spending time as a carpenter, and wood working artist. If you’re looking for a unique gift that supports local artists and entrepreneurs, check out the amazing work done by Alex. You can buy and ship any of Alex’s work off of his Etsy store.

Mt. Adams Travel Mug

We took great useful items and added beautiful artwork for a unique gift. For these cold winter mornings, you can’t miss with a Miir travel mug. Each year we create new designs for mugs, tanks, shirts, and other merchandise. This year local artist, Eliza Carver, created a spectacular new design reminiscent of the White Salmon boaters enjoying the outdoors at the foothills of Mt Adams. Splitting her time between the Gorge and Bellingham, graphic design artist Eliza Carver first came to the gorge working for Wet Planet many years ago – among many things to help us with in-house graphic design.  You may recognize her signature on many of our cool shirts over the years!  We appreciate Eliza’s artistic talents combined with the sense of humor, which you can find in her work. Each of her lighthearted designs include an element of the outdoors and will bring a smile to your face.

Shop custom Mt. Adams artwork and more beautiful designs on the Wet Planet Store.

Jewelry by Lilli

We are absolutely blown away by the talents of this local teenage silversmith, Lilli. Before she became enthralled by learning to make jewelry, she worked at Wet Planet for one summer!  Lili is a bright kid, with the kindest, most cheerful heart, who is always making the most of her day. While she is still finishing high school – we love supporting her obvious talent and passion for making very artistic jewelry. Shop rings, pendants, cuffs, earrings, and custom order on Lili’s website.

Warm Hugs & Ginger Love – Teas by Good Medicine Tea

Warm Hugs and Ginger Love from the Good Medicine tea house, are our most favorite locally blended teas. As a child Alexa came rafting with Wet Planet, and years later joined our office team for a few years! Now co-owner of a high end loose tea business based in Hood River and mother of 2,  Alexa and her husband Turner create the best tea blends.  Of course, we serve GMT blends at the Wet Planet espresso bar. They will ship their beautiful teas anywhere!

Custom Gauley Party Shirt

Gauley party shirt

One could wonder – why get a Gauley River shirt?   Well, the Gauley river, located on the East Coast attracts many boaters and many good times are had during its annual river festival. So much so, that it inspired local White Salmon raft guide & river friend Harris to design the “Gauley River Party Shirt” reflecting all the good times had by boaters and spectators. The shirt shows good times on the river, and make you look very cool among raft guides. Support an artistically talented raft guide and purchase a shirt in Harris’ Etsy store.

Nobody’s Hat

After paddling the cold waters of the White Salmon River, our neighbors and boating friends Sam and Sarina, decided to put their sowing machine to use and designed and produced this functional cap to help keep a paddlers head warm.  The Nobdody’s hats is a big hit with Wet Planet guides and local boaters.

Mt Adams Recap Hat

Based in Northern Washington, Recaps hats are hot. It seems like all the cool outdoor brands adorn their followers with a hip colorful Recaps hat. Wet Planet was one of the early adaptors many years ago. The Wet Planet store has Recap hats with unique artwork created for by local designer and Wet Planet alumni Eliza Carver.

Gift an Experience

Group of people rafting with Wet Planet on the White Salmon River

Of course, there is always the gift of a river adventure. You can purchase now and pick your dates later. Gift a kayak class, a leisurely afternoon out in a raft, or a memorable weeklong family vacation in Idaho. For our friends who live a little further North, we can also highly recommend getting out on the river with our friends and Wet Planet alumni Lance & Justine with WildWater near Leavenworth, Washington. With a home base near the Wenatchee River,  they run early summer rafting day trips and a whitewater kayak school.

The Softest Technical Hoodie Ever

Hood River based Immersion Research locally produces some amazing river gear for boaters and non-boaters. From straps to comfy hoodies, gloves, dry tops and more.  The company has been an integral part of our local kayaking community, supporting many events and local paddlers.

Get a Slug, or a Mug

Migrated here from Ohio and New York, Laurel came to Wet Planet offering many talents. She is a professional photographer, serves the best espresso, is a pro at flipping burgers, and leads our base team with grace and expertise. Among her many gifts she also produces ceramics and other artwork.   We love her, mugs, vases and of course her very popular ceramic slugs. Check out all of her incredbile artwork for purchase on her Etsy store.

Fuzzies from FunLovin’ Fleecewear

This winter, everyone enjoys a little warm and fuzzy attire. This fleecewear, is not only fun and cute, but also functional. All FunLovin’ fleece items are the brainchild and hand sown by a river guide from McCall Idaho. FunLuvin’ Fleecewear was founded by river guide Kelli O’Keefe based on a love for adventures in the outdoors. For over 15 years Kelli guided multi-day river trips through the Grand Canyon in Arizona, on the Middle Fork and Main Salmon River in Idaho, and the Daqu and Salween River in Western China.

Mushrooms of Cascadia

For all our nerdy fungi loving friends out there, this book is a big hit! This is the bible for mushroom hunters in the Pacific Northwest – an amazing book by local and world renowned mycologist Dr. Michael Beug. Michael Beug taught chemistry, mycology and organic farming at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington for 32 years. He is active in the North American Mycological Association (NAMA) and the Pacific Northwest Key Council; a group dedicated to writing macroscopic keys for the identification of fungi. His photographs have appeared in over 80 publications. In 2017, mushroom expert, Paul Stamets, of Fungi Perfecti, created the Mike Beug Scholarship, in honor of the professor who helped shaped Stamets’ career as a mycologist. Order or pick up at the Waucoma bookstore in Hood River.

Art Prints from Local Artist Tom Hood

A great gift idea is local art. Whether your gifting to a local or a relative that has fond memories of the area, artwork of Mt Hood or some local brew nostalgia is a great choice. We are always impressed by local graphic designer and artist Tom Hood. We even have some got-to hoodies boasting artwork by Tom.

Fitness and Health Membership

Gift a coaching session or gym membership to send a message of health and wellness. Sign up for a consultation or weekly coaching sessions by Heather and her team at the Strawberry Mountain Gym in White Salmon.

Heather Herbeck has been running her own Fitness school FSE as a professional fitness coach for more than 20 years. Aside from her impressive fitness endeavors, Heather teaches kayaking, is a professional whitewater kayaker, and a treasured Wet Planet alumni.

In the End, It’s Always the Thought That Counts

We hope the suggestions above provided you some great gifts or inspired you on ways to shop local, support small businesses and artists. During the holiday season it’s the thought that counts, and part of that thought is our impact on our local economy. We know it’s very convenient, and tempting to get all your shopping done from the comfort of your couch. And don’t get us wrong, online shopping is a convenience that is here to stay. But when you can, get out of the house and visit some local businesses. When shopping online do your best to seek out small business or independent artists and craftspeople like you can find on Etsy.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Wet Planet! Thanks for sharing the love and the stoke for river fun!