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Mason Roberts joins the Wet Planet team in 2024 as an experienced, enthusiastic, and multi-talented rafting guide. He has been working in outdoor recreation since 2017 as an aerial guide in Bootleg Canyon in Nevada, a river guide on various rivers throughout Colorado and Arizona, and winter mountain operations in Utah. Growing up in Las Vegas, Mason didn’t always think this would be the path he’d find himself on. Mason started working in a magic show in Las Vegas at age 6. Then Cirque du Soleil at age 7. He thought he’d be in show business forever. However, while Las Vegas has a reputation for gleaming casinos and endless nights, it also is an outdoor recreation hot spot! Growing up there, Mason found easy access to rock climbing, backpacking, rafting, kayaking, and even skiing. 

Come time for college, Mason decided that it was time to get away from the city. He opted to pursue the Outdoor Education program at NAU Flagstaff, AZ, where he soon discovered there is nothing that brings him more joy than being outdoors and cultivating positive outdoor experiences for others. Not knowing where exactly to apply his education in outdoor leadership, Mason eventually found river guiding. He realized that whitewater creates a profound sense of teamwork and confidence thanks to the fact that it requires overcoming many challenges (something he had been looking for). He has now spent two years pushing hard to grow his knowledge and experiences as a river guide. 

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Mason’s outdoor recreation knowledge and foundation allowed him to advance rapidly once he arrived on Colorado’s challenging Clear Creek. His hard work, skill, and limitless enthusiasm with guests soon made him one of the most valuable and trustworthy guides at the company. We are very excited to see him bring all of those attributes to Wet Planet, leading guests down the thrilling sections of the famous White Salmon River. 

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Join Mason on the river:

You can join Mason on both half day and full day trips on the White Salmon River.