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Joining Wet Planet in 2024, Ernesto “Toto” Silva brings a wealth of experience and a deep love for rivers to our team. With a background in adventure tourism from Pucon, Chile, Toto’s journey into guiding and kayaking began with a whitewater degree that combined both disciplines.

Having worked on rivers across the globe, including the Trankura River in Chile, the Chili and Urubamba Rivers in Peru, the Fonce River in Colombia, the Siniguis and Orinoco Rivers in Venezuela, the Balsa River in Costa Rica, the Tampaon River in Mexico, and the Lao and Passirio Rivers in Italy. In the US, he has navigated the Tuolumne, Merced, and American Rivers in California, the Arkansa River in Colorado as well as Alaska’s challenging Six Mile Creek.

Toto’s deep connection to rivers is rooted in his hometown of Pucon, a mecca for whitewater sports in Chile. With aspirations for more multi-day trips in his guide career, Toto dreams of exploring rivers like the Marañon in Peru and various waterways in Nepal.

In kayak instruction, Toto prioritizes guest experience over rapid learning, believing that fostering a love for the sport is key to continued practice and improvement. He values trust, communication, and teamwork within a successful guiding team, recognizing that skills and experience are essential components of a cohesive and effective unit.

Join Toto on the water for an unforgettable adventure, where his passion for rivers and commitment to guest satisfaction shines through in every journey.

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For Toto, a perfect day on the river is any day spent with friends, embracing the beauty and adventure that each river journey offers. As a guide, his greatest attribute lies in his extensive experience across diverse river environments, providing guests with memorable experiences and ensuring their safety and enjoyment above all else.

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Join Toto on the river:

You can join Toto on both half day and full day trips and in one of our many kayak courses.