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Starting at Wet Planet Whitewater in 2024, Connor brings a rich background in kayaking and a passion for the outdoors to our team. Growing up in a kayaking family, including his grandfather who paddled into his 80s on Seneca Lake in upstate New York, Connor was set on a path that would lead to his love for the water.

Currently pursuing a dual major in political science and environmental studies at the University of Vermont (UVM), Connor aims to achieve a law degree through the University of Vermont/Vermont Law School’s 3-2 program. His transition from sea kayaking to whitewater kayaking at UVM opened new adventures for him, where he now serves as a student instructor and coordinator for the new member leadership program with the UVM Kayak Club.

Connor has paddled many classic Northeast rivers, including the New Haven Ledges, Gihon, Moose, and the Beaver, and he never misses an opportunity to paddle the Youghiogheny while home. A native of Columbus, Ohio, Connor’s love for the outdoors extends beyond kayaking to racing mountain bikes, skiing the icy East, and sleeping in his Subaru before early morning hikes up Vermont’s Camel’s Hump. As an active member and treasurer for UVM’s Campus Citizens Climate Lobby, Connor is committed to environmental advocacy.

Connor is excited to join Wet Planet Whitewater, not only to explore the rivers of the Pacific Northwest but also to share his love for this uniquely challenging sport with others. His extensive experience, passion for the outdoors, and dedication to teaching make him a valuable addition to the Wet Planet team.

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In his free time, Connor can be found exploring Vermont’s Class 4 “roads” on his motorcycle, a passion that once found him navigating backcountry trails during Vermont’s 2023 1,000-year storm and flood—a time when kayaking the roads would have been easier than riding them.

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