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Ben Cavett joins the Wet Planet team as an experienced Montana guide and kayaker who is looking to explore the abundant whitewater opportunities around the Columbia River Gorge.

Hailing from Mankato, MN, Ben grew up nowhere near whitewater! It was a scuba diving trip as a young man that unlocked his passion for water which soon led to competitive swimming, and eventually canoe trips to the Boundary Waters of Minnesota. After spending a season skiing in Big Sky, Montana Ben heard about guiding on the Yellowstone River and was eager to try something new. He quickly fell in love with rafting, rowing, and kayaking. Ben spent the next four summers guiding on the Yellowstone including during the famous Yellowstone flood that reshaped the river – giving him a familiar but new river to fall back in love with.

Ben enjoys going on overnight rafting trips and has been down the Grand Canyon twice, the first of which he pulled the permit and was the trip leader for, allowing him to take his parents and 13 friends down the canyon for a 19-day trip. 

Ben has a wilderness first responder certification and before he found his love for whitewater he was in school to become a nurse and worked as a CNA. Expect to see Ben’s smiling face on the White Salmon River this season, sharing his infectious energy and enthusiasm for all things whitewater.

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When not on the water, Ben enjoys exploring the outdoors by backpacking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and telemark skiing (where he will even strap frisbees to his hands in order to carve extra low). 

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Join Ben on the river:

You can join Ben on both half day and full day trips on the White Salmon River this season.