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Amy brings her passion for whitewater, joining our very talented kayak instruction team at Wet Planet.

Hailing from southern Maryland, Amy’s journey into whitewater began unexpectedly during one summer while attending college in Western Maryland. On a whim, she decided to become a whitewater raft guide in Ohiopyle, PA despite never having experienced it before. Her first day on whitewater was a thrill that ignited her love for the sport. With a natural affinity for water, Amy quickly transitioned to whitewater kayaking during her downtime, honing her skills on rivers like the Lower Yough and the challenging Upper Yough, a Class IV river.

Over the next four years, Amy explored the whitewater landscapes of the East Coast, conquering iconic rivers such as the Upper Gauley in West Virginia, the Russell Fork in Kentucky, and navigating the challenging Green Narrows in North Carolina. Now, she’s excited to bring her expertise and passion for kayaking to the West Coast and share it with our guests at Wet Planet!

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Amy’s enthusiasm for whitewater kayaking is contagious, and she’s eager to introduce newcomers to the thrill and beauty of the sport. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned paddler, Amy’s love for kayaking and her dedication to teaching make her a valuable addition to the Wet Planet team.

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Join Amy on the river:

Connect with Amy on the water and experience the excitement of whitewater kayaking in the stunning landscapes of the Columbia River Gorge.