We received an email from Russ Howison of PacifiCorp with the official word on the new take-out ramp at Northwestern Park on the White Salmon River. They are almost done with the construction at the park, and are in the cleanup phase. They are planning on opening the new take-out ramp mid to late this week.  This is good news for our White Salmon River rafting trips, as it looks like the carry out of the river will get a whole lot easier. Here’s a copy of the email full of good news:

“White Salmon Outfitters,

As you have no doubt noticed by now. The bridge project at NW Park is complete and we are in the process of contractor de-mobilization, clean up of the area, and installing safety fencing in preparation to open the permanent ramp-takeout immediately downstream of the bridge. We anticipate that the permanent ramp will open for public use mid-to-late next week, prior to the weekend of August 18-19. For the remainder of the current boating season, you will be able to use the Park as a takeout in a fashion similar to before the bridge work started last summer. That is to say that you will be able to back up to the concrete pad (the former ramp) to load your boats. The gravel ramp incline from the take-out eddy to the concrete pad is for carrying boats by hand and will not be open to vehicles or trailers.

Later this fall, we plan to reconfigure the park to include a hot-loading lane adjacent to the concrete pad so that tow vehicles and trailers will be able to pull to the top of the ramp. We will give you an update early next week on an opening date for the new ramp. Please let me know if you have any questions.

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we continue to work on decommissioning the Condit Hydroelectric Project.

Thank You,

Russ Howison
Hydro Resources
PacifiCorp Energy”

So there it is, straight from the official source themselves. Thanks for keeping us up to date Russ!

Author Todd Collins lives on the White Salmon River in BZ Corner and works year round for Wet Planet.