Updated closure date – the closure of the Lower White Salmon River (Husum to Northwestern Park) has been changed from today until tomorrow.

This morning, we received an update from Northwest Pipeline stating that today’s river closure was being postponed until December 5th. Seems like that information has already changed. We just received a recent update from the Pipeline company stating that the closure of the Lower White Salmon River is now scheduled for tomorrow, December 4th. Here’s the email that we received:

“Late-breaking update:

The construction event over the river will occur TOMORROW, Tuesday, 4 December. It will not occur Wednesday as I indicated below.

As you may understand, slight changes are expected in the tasks within the overall construction schedule. I will keep you updated on any further changes as they happen.”

The calendar below shows the most recent closure schedule. Closure days are marked in red. Closure in 12/29 will only occur if the planned work is not completed on 12/28.

White Salmon River Oregon and Washington River Rafting

For more information about the reasons for the river closure and the work being conducted near Northwestern Park, check out River Closure Notice for Oregon and Washington River Rafting and Kayaking – White Salmon River.