As many of you already know, Williams Northwest Pipeline (Northwest) will be conducting maintainence work on the natural gas pipeline located just above the cabins on the Lower White Salmon River (not to be confused with the newly opened Lower Lower White Salmon River). We first discussed this work and the resulting river closure in the blog post River Closure Notice for Oregon and Washington River Rafting and Kayaking. Northwest Pipeline has made another press release providing some more specifics on exactly which days will see river closures on the Lower White Salmon River.

In the calendar below, the days in white each indicate a period of days in which the river will be closed for just one the days.

White Salmon River Closure Calendar

The following is the full press release from Northwest Pipeline about their work on the White Salmon River:

November 7, 2012


Please be advised that Williams Northwest Pipeline (Northwest) will be conducting maintenance activities during late November through December 2012 on its existing 26-inch natural gas pipeline located within the upper reaches of the former Northwestern Lake. These activities will include construction around and over the White Salmon River.

The maintenance area is approximately 0.70 river miles downstream from the Castle and 0.24 river miles upstream from the Northwestern Lake Road Bridge and the Northwestern Lake Park. All federal, state and local permits required for this project have been acquired.

In order to ensure the safety of boaters, rafters, anglers and residents in the area, the project will require closing a portion of the White Salmon River at the pipeline crossing described for a total of four alternate days, when partial day river closures will be instituted due to active work over the river channel. These four days will occur within the approximate time frames described below and highlighted in yellow. The project will update this notice should these dates change:

One day within the period of: Thursday 11/29 – Sunday 12/2

One day within the period of: Thursday 12/6 – Tuesday 12/11

One day within the period of: Tuesday 12/11 – Sunday 12/16

One day within the period of: Thursday 12/20 – Wednesday 12/26

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and invite you to contact us with your input or to discuss any questions or potential conflicts with your plans.

To reach us and to receive additional information about the project, please call our toll-free number at:


We’ll try to keep you informed as soon as we have more specific information about exactly which days will be the closure days.

Author Todd Collins lives on the White Salmon River in BZ Corner and works year round for Wet Planet.