We want to give a HUGE thanks to Dave and Arwen for their many years of incredible work, friendships, and contributions to the Wet Planet team and community. People like them, with their compassion and motivation, make Wet Planet run. Read more to hear about their vital roles within the Wet Planet team and their wonderful world travels outside our boating season!

Jack of All Trades

Meet Dave, our river aficionado and ultimate trouble-shooter! Drawn to rivers and the natural world, Dave embarked on his Wet Planet journey in 2017 after he came across our job posting for a bus driver. Thinking it would be an awesome way to spend the summer, he hopped on board and has since become so much more!

Dave quickly became known as the “Fixer of Everything Broken” and our go-to trouble-shooting guy. From fixing the pumphouse, mending the watering system, and working on our buses, Dave can do it all! 

In 2017, Dave decided to take on a new challenge and enrolled in our Guide School. Since then, he has evolved from a student to a multi-day trip leader while continuing to fix all things broken, which arguably are some of the most valuable skills a guide can have! Now, you can find Dave guiding our exhilarating trips down the Owyhee and Main Salmon Rivers

Looking forward, Dave still holds a yearning for rivers and wild spaces. He’s excited for another season of meeting new guests, creating lasting friendships, and rowing down stunning river canyons. His enthusiasm for the river and the connections he’s made along the way truly make him an integral part of the Wet Planet family.

If you ever find yourself on a trip with Dave, you’re in for a thrilling adventure and in the company of a compassionate guide who embodies the spirit of the whitewater and Wet Planet community.

Multi-day Trip Food Tetris Master

Meet Arwen, our organizational wizard and multi-day trip genius, when prepping and packing all the food! Arwen joined the Wet Planet family in 2020, starting by juggling reservations in the office while working part-time at Mt. Hood Meadows and a local winery – a multi-tasking queen who doesn’t like to sit still!

When Wet Planet began offering Main Salmon river trips several years ago, Dave and Arwen, who were already enamored with the town of McCall, Idaho, our multi-day trip base, seized the opportunity to contribute to these multi-day river adventures. Dave took on the role of guide while Arwen managed the food packs.

Although COVID made for some funky years, Arwen continuously embraced the changes with ease and adaptability. She loves watching everyone float in and tell her all the great stories from the river, hanging out with the multi-day crew, and bidding farewell to them as they depart on another trip. It’s a whirlwind of activity, but she always has fun.

Since then, Arwen has earned the well-deserved title of the “Queen of Organization.” Purchasing, prepping, and packing for our multi-day trips is a challenging feat. However, Arwen relishes in the ingenious challenge of Tetris-ing coolers, labeling each day’s goodies, and ensuring that the meals are compact yet delicious for everyone on the river. From personal experience, she crushes it. 

Now also preparing all our Owyhee trips in McCall, Arwen is excited about extending our river season with more trips to pack for while also looking to settle in the beautiful community of McCall. We are so lucky and thankful to have Dave and Arwen helping in the many aspects of our incredible multi-day river adventures. They’re both looking forward to a summer filled with numerous river trips, the joys of being back in Idaho, and spending time with the Wet Planet crew!

Community Builders

Dave and Arwen have the beautiful gift of immediately making people feel welcomed, valued, and cared for. Whether you’re a part of the Wet Planet team, a guest, or someone they come across on their travels, you will be greeted with loving smiles, plenty of laughs, and wonderful company. 

After an action-packed season of boating in 2023, Dave, Arwen, and Wet Planet pals took their own journey down the river to get some much-deserved relaxation time in their favorite spaces. In past years, they’ve ventured down the Rouge, Lower Salmon, San Juan, and the Deschutes with the Wet Planet family. For 2024, they’re already planning for a Hell’s Canyon trip!

World Travelers Drawn to Water

This power duo gets the most out of every single day! Dave and Arwen have quite literally worked their way across the planet. They’re currently in country number twenty-two, Australia, and are on their way to number twenty-three, New Zealand. By traveling cheaply and working for periods in the countries they visit through the Work Away program, they’ve been able to visit Thailand, Indonesia, and Greece, to name a few of their favorites, and sail around the French Polynesian Islands. All the while, they’re making incredible connections with the communities and cultures they visit along the way.

Their advice? Stick to the minimum and embrace budget travel! You don’t need to bring your whole wardrobe and gear room because you can often find what you need at your destination. Networking is also key! They’ve made lifelong friendships in every country and even on their multi-day trips in the States. They’re currently spending time with a new pal they met while on a Main Salmon trip with Wet Planet last year — A perfect testament to the connections built on multi-day trips and the welcoming nature of Dave and Arwen. 

Inspired by Dave and Arwen and interested in joining the Wet Planet team and community? Check out our employment opportunities!  We have many seasonal opportunities each year, both on and off the river. Come join our team!