After a brief high water event caused by last week’s rains, water levels have dropped back to where they were before the rain and we’re once again running the exclusive Wet Planet trip on the White Salmon River. Judging by current water levels and weather patterns, we should be launching all of our White Salmon River trips for the rest of the season from our private put-in, located 2.1 miles above the public launch site used by most companies on the river. With this private put-in, we offer the highest launch site on the river and an additional 2.1 miles of more exciting whitewater and more dramatic scenery.

For everyone that has been waiting for the water levels to be right for us to begin running this stretch of the river, the time is here! Come join us on the White Salmon River for the premiere Washington and Oregon whitewater rafting trip. This trip can’t be matched by any other trip offered in the region!