A group of women raft through Top Drop rapid, with one of them wearing a bachelorette banner.
A large rafting group poses under the Wet Planet Rafting and Kayaking sign wearing their wetstuits, pfd's, and helmets.
Two rafters wearing matching bride and groom helmets smile while rafting through a rapid.
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Length: Varies by River April - Sept
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Whitewater Rafting: An Unforgettable Wedding Party Activity for Everyone!

Create fun and exciting memories for your wedding party with a Wet Planet whitewater rafting trip! For family and friends meeting for the first time, our raft trips provide the perfect ice-breaker, leaving each guest with an exceptional and memorable experience.

We Make it Easy for You

The last thing you need is another activity to organize during your wedding festivities. That’s why we handle all the logistics and organization for your wedding raft trip.

Once you book a trip with us, your guests can reserve and pay individually directly through us, either online or on the phone. You won’t have to spend precious time keeping track of confirmations or payments. We will organize everything. Consider it our wedding present to you.

Call us anytime before your trip or check your online account to see who has signed up. All you have to do is arrive ready to enjoy your adventure with friends, family, and your new partner!

Imagine kicking off your wedding in the spectacular White Salmon River gorge at the base of the majestic Mt. Adams. Our headquarters, located along the river, has all the amenities to make your guests comfortable and excited to celebrate your big day. It’s the perfect setting for memories that will last a lifetime.

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Bride and Groom rafting on the White Salmon River

“Okay, so listen, I am an adventure enthusiast. I’ve climbed my fair share of mountains and backpacked until my feet were just one giant blister, but the water is my unknown element. I have been dying to go on a white water rafting trip for years, but never had the right opportunity. My fiancé (at the time-now husband) and I decided we would rally as many wedding guests as possible for this trip and make it happen the day before our wedding since we were rallying everyone in the beautiful state of Oregon. Call me crazy, because I am! We got a group of 30 together! I was TERRIFIED as soon as we hit the water. Given, I listened to every single word Giani said, because I’ve been a zip lining guide in the past, and understand how important listening to directions is. The guides are amazing- they are ALL amazing! We heard nothing but great things from our friends on the other boats. They are ON TOP OF IT. They know where every rock is in the water, they know what challenges are coming ahead and how to cope, they know what guests can handle what…yadayada. I can’t tell you how fast I went from terrified to having a pure blast. BUT, then we all jumped off a cliff halfway along the trip into the water, and I was terrified again, but knew I had to jump first since I was the bride and wanted to show everyone I had valls. AND THEN we finished the trip with a straight vertical drop down a waterfall. I thought I was going to $hert my pants! But we executed it beautifully and every single person had a whopping grin on their face at the end, not to mention a wealth of geographical knowledge and zero knocked out teeth for the ceremony. One of our friends on our raft is a geologist and said that everything Giani was relaying to us was spot on and that he even learned a lot from it. Remember to tip your guides guys! They don’t get paid enough for what they do, so a good $20 per person is spot on! I know because I was a guide once, and that’s important!”

- Lexie B.

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