A group on a private Main Salmon river rafting trip poses in front of the rafts and makes silly faces with wine glasses in their hands.
Two guides lean into each other and smile for the camera while cooking fresh salmon on a private Main Salmon river rafting trip.
Two teenagers pose for the camera wearing fur animal hats at a stop on the Main Salmon River in Idaho.
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Custom & Private Charter Multi-Day Trips



5-6 Days | 49-80 Miles April - Sept
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    Ages: Salmon River: 7+; Owyhee River: 10+.

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    Difficulty: Class III – IV

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    Includes: All meals and group camping gear

Charter a Private River Adventure!

It doesn’t get much better than traveling deep in the wilderness by raft with just your friends and family. Whether it’s the annual family reunion, a wedding party or honeymoon, or a milestone birthday, a private rafting trip down Idaho’s Main Salmon River or Oregon’s Owyhee River is the perfect, unique way to celebrate any occasion. We take care of all gear, guiding, delicious meals, and logistics! Give your friends or family memories of a spectacular adventure that they won’t soon forget!

What is a Chartered Trip?

A privately chartered trip means that the entire trip is reserved exclusively for you and your group, whereas on a standard trip, anyone from the general public can join. Chartered trips offer flexibility for specialty itineraries – for example, a winery charters a trip exclusively for their wine club members, and we pair the wine with dinner each night.

Which Rivers are Available for Private Charter Multi-Day Trips?

We offer multi-day trips on Idaho’s Main Salmon River and Oregon’s Owyhee River.

The Main Salmon is a stunningly beautiful river flowing through Idaho’s Frank Church River of No Return wilderness area, the largest tract of a protected wild landscape in the lower 48 states. It features fun, big-volume Class II-III whitewater in an unmatchable wilderness setting, with nights camping on white, sandy beaches underneath the stars. Cruise down the river in a raft or inflatable kayak, whichever watercraft suits your spirit.

Few people have had the pleasure of descending into the Owyhee River Canyon, one of the country’s secret gems of wilderness multi-day river rafting. The Wild and Scenic Rivers Act has protected over 120 miles of the Owyhee River from development since 1984. Bighorn sheep and cougars wander through sagebrush at the base of sheer-walled volcanic canyon walls, nearly twice the height of the Washington Monument. Guides point out herds of antelope, birds of prey, and other distinct wildlife who visit the river for sustenance. Add stellar archaeological sites and hot springs, and this trip fulfills all the requirements for one of the world’s most incredible river journeys.

Make your next vacation an exclusive multi-day whitewater river trip on Idaho’s famed Main Salmon River or Oregon’s Owyhee River for fun whitewater rapids, white sandy beaches, delicious food, and plenty of stories to take home.
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Pricing & Group Sizes

Pricing & Group Sizes for Private Charter Trips

On both the Salmon River and Owyhee River, we have fixed group sizes as dictated by our permits with the Forest Service and BLM.

Main Salmon River Group Sizes

Before June 20th:
Minimum: 15 guests
Maximum: 24 guests

June 20th and on:
Minimum: 18 guests
Maximum: 24 guests

Owyhee River Group Sizes

Minimum: 12 guests
Maximum: 15 guests

Main Salmon Group Rates

$1,995/person ($200/person discount from our standard adult rate)

Owyhee River Group Rates


Make your next vacation an exclusive multi-day whitewater river trip on Idaho’s famed Main Salmon River or Oregon’s Owyhee River for fun whitewater rapids, white sandy beaches, delicious food, and plenty of stories to take home.

Available Dates

Available Dates for Private Multi-Day Trips

On both the Salmon River and Owyhee River, we have fixed launch dates as dictated by our permits with the Forest Service and BLM. Contact us for our current charter trip availability!

Main Salmon 6-Day Trip Dates (Same every year)

  • June 22
  • June 30
  • July 8
  • July 16
  • July 24
  • August 1
  • August 9
  • August 17
  • August 25
  • September 2

Custom dates before June 20 and after September 9 may be available. Please call to inquire. Before June 20, trip length can be five days. After September 9th, trip length can be 6-7 days.

Owyhee River 5-Day Trip Dates

2024: Saturday Starts

  • April 27-May 1
  • May 4-8

2025: Sunday Starts

  • April 27-May 1
  • May 4-8

2026: Monday Starts

  • April 27-May 1
  • May 4-8

Custom dates may be available in March and early April. Please call to inquire.

Make your next vacation an exclusive multi-day whitewater river trip on Idaho’s famed Main Salmon River or Oregon’s Owyhee River for fun whitewater rapids, white sandy beaches, delicious food, and plenty of stories to take home.

Trip Planning & Reservations

Planning Your Private Whitewater Adventure

To plan a privately chartered trip, the “launch” date must be free of all other reservations. For this reason, trips are typically scheduled well in advance. We recommend planning at least eight months in advance to ensure your preferred date is available. It’s not uncommon to plan 1-2 years in advance!

Making a Reservation

There are two ways to make a reservation —

  • Option 1: The group organizer pays for all group members. The group organizer can reserve online or call us to make the reservation official.
  • Option 2: Group members sign up and pay online individually through a custom group link. As the group organizer, you can call to set up the reservation by paying the deposit for your spot and the guests you want to pay for directly (i.e., your partner or immediate family). You then receive a confirmation reflecting your reservation and the custom link you can share with your group members, who can sign up online and take care of their deposits.

Meeting the Group Minimum for a Private Trip

Privately charted trips must meet the group minimum or equivalent cost to remain a private trip. After making your initial reservation, your group has 30 days to reserve their spots. After 30 days, if the group minimum is unmett, you can open up the trip to the general public or pay for the difference to meet the minimum.

Reservations & Cancellation Policy

To confirm a reservation, $500/guest is due the day the reservation is made. The remaining balance is due at least 60 days before the trip.

A 90% refund will be given for cancellations made up to 60 days before the trip, and a 50% refund will be given for cancellations made up to 22 days before the trip. No refunds will be given for cancellations made within 21 days of the first day of the trip. Cancellation fees are based on the total trip cost.

Make your next vacation an exclusive multi-day whitewater river trip on Idaho’s famed Main Salmon River or Oregon’s Owyhee River for fun whitewater rapids, white sandy beaches, delicious food, and plenty of stories to take home.

Frequently Asked Question's

What are the bathroom facilities like?

Check our our blog about “How to Use the Bathroom on a Multi-Day River Trip.” It’s the best view you’ll ever have while using the loo!

I'm going to stink if I don't shower for 5-6 days. What do I do?

Take a river shower! Swimming in the river is the easiest way to feel refreshed each day. You can even put your chair in the water while enjoying an afternoon beverage. If you want to wash with soap, please bring biodegradable, eco-friendly soap, such as Dr. Bronner’s, and a microfiber washcloth. If you choose to use soap, you will take a bucket of water away from the river (it’s essential to keep all soap out of the river!) when doing personal cleaning.

What kind of boats do you bring?

Check out our blog about our multi-day raft fleet. There are options for all levels of adventure!

What kind of food do you bring?

Often, folks think we’ll be eating backpacking meals the whole time. That’s not the case! From blueberry pancakes with bacon to fresh vegetable wraps at lunch to steak dinner, you will be blown away by the food on your trip. With our delicious menu, you’ll eat better out on the river than at home. Take a sneak peek at our multi-day menu!

What if I have food allergies?

We can accommodate a wide range of food considerations. Beyond our standard menu, we can provide options for various dietary restrictions for a supplemental menu fee (details can be found on the Dates & Pricing tab). Make sure to complete your online trip registration early so we know what modifications we need to make to our menu! If you have any questions about our menus and your dietary needs, feel free to give us a call.

Can I bring personal beverages?

While we supply plenty of water, tea, and coffee, most people have their favorite beverages that they enjoy when they are on vacation. If you would like additional personal beverages at camp, such as soda, beer, wine, liquor, etc., you’re welcome to bring your own! Please do not bring glass bottles; broken glass and rafting don’t mix! Wine should be in bags/boxes, and other adult beverages can be transferred from glass bottles to plastic/aluminum containers before taking them on the river. Personal beverages can be purchased in Salmon before the trip if needed.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

Tents: We provide SPACIOUS tents. We assume people reserving together will be sharing two to a tent. If you are traveling alone, you’ll have a single tent. Your guides will demonstrate how to set them up on the first night and assist you if you want the extra hand.

Sleeping Pad: The sleeping pads provided are plush, river-specific sleeping pads. These are not your average car camping pad! They are filled with 2-3 inches of foam and are incredibly comfortable.

Sleeping Bag: You can rent sleeping bags for $25/person or you can bring your own.

Comfort Kit: The Wet Planet Comfort Kit is available to rent for $40/person, and contains a sleeping bag, rain jacket, rain pants, small camp pillow, and ground tarp.

I'm rafting solo, do I have to share a tent?

We will provide a solo tent. Don’t worry, they’re still spacious!

What size are the dry bags you provide?

We provide two dry bags per person. A large 110L dry bag will hold items you only need at camp and be packed away during the day. Think of this like your “checked luggage” on a plane. A smaller 10L day bag will hold items you would like access to during the day, such as sunscreen, extra layers, and anything you want to keep available while on the rafts.

I have back pain. Will I be OK on this trip?

We always recommend checking with your doctor for any physical considerations since they know your personal situation and can provide medical counsel! For back pain, a good measure is whether or not you are comfortable in a seated position for 2-3 hours at a time. If you would like additional back support while on the river, you can bring a Crazy Creek Chair or something similar without metal. Or ask us what we can do to help you remain comfortable in the rafts. Please inquire about additional accommodations if you have difficulty getting up from the ground from a lying position.

Can we go fishing?

You’re welcome to go fishing at camp and fish off the rafts in calmer areas when permitted. The Oregon Department of Fish and Game requires anyone over 12 years old to have a fishing license. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game requires anyone over 14 years old to have a fishing license.

How do you communicate with the outside world in an emergency?

We carry a SPOT satellite texting device and a satellite phone for emergency communications. Please note that these devices are used for emergencies, not non-emergency contact with the outside world. Your guides won’t drain the battery on the satellite device to check the score of the playoff game your favorite team is in.
If an evacuation is needed, it depends on where we are on the river, but the options are to continue rafting downstream, call for a helicopter or plane, or request a jet boat evacuation. Our multi-day guides are Wilderness First Responders, trained to manage injuries and medical emergencies in the backcountry and determine when an evacuation is warranted.
While evacuations are uncommon, it’s important to note that even with modern communication devices, evacuations in the remote backcountry can be lengthy and sometimes take more than 24 hours.


Three women relax alongside the river and raise their drinks to the camera on a Main Salmon River rafting trip in Idaho with Wet Planet whitewater

“We had a fantastic time on the 6 day/5 night Main Salmon River trip. I can’t say enough good things about our guides: Todd, Deanna, Britt, Jake and Nicole. Each brought energy, enthusiasm, and professionalism. They worked incredibly hard to ensure that we all had a good experience. Safety was always at the forefront. The food was wonderful. I loved that fresh fruit and vegetables were incorporated into every meal. Every day included interesting side trips that focused on local homesteading history… I would highly recommend using Wet Planet. The trip definitely exceeded my expectations.”

- Sandy H. from Westwood, WA

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