We just received this update from PacifiCorp regarding the take-out at Northwestern Park. So, I figured I would just share the email. Looks like the temporary take-out should be ready in the next couple of weeks. Thanks to Russ Howison at PacifiCorp for keeping us up to date. Here’s the email from PacifiCorp:

“Greetings White Salmon Outfitters,

PacifiCorp wanted to provide you the following update regarding the take-out at NW park and removal of the timber crib structures upstream of the park. First off, a high-flow event the weekend of March 31, caused additional erosion and down-cutting around the timber crib structures that are upstream of NW Lake bridge. This has made access to the crib in the middle of the channel more difficult and has cause us to reassess how best to remove it. The situation is extremely hazardous at this location and we strongly recommend all boaters take out at Husum until the timber crib structure is removed. We are working on plans to remove it and hope to have it out in approximately 2 weeks.

We are also currently working on constructing the temporary takeout at NW Park and our current plan is to have this completed and ready to use by the time the timber cribs are removed and boats can safely pass through the area. As you can imagine, this is a very dynamic situation and I will keep you informed of our progress.

Regarding the long term take-out, the project to better protect the west abutment of the NW Lake Bridge is scheduled to go into mid-late August. Therefore, the permanent take-out ramp will not be complete until sometime after that. Thus, the temporary ramp will serve through most of the recreation season.

Finally, I would like to schedule a site visit to NW Park to discuss your ideas for how to make the temporary take-out work most efficiently for sometime the week of April 23. I would like to hear back from those who are interested in participating on your availability and will announce a date.

Thank You,

Russ Howison
Hydro Resources
PacifiCorp Energy”

Author Todd Collins lives on the White Salmon River in BZ Corner and works year round for Wet Planet.