November 20, 2012

As many of you already know, Williams Northwest Pipeline (Northwest) will be conducting maintenance work on the natural gas pipeline located just above the cabins on the Lower White Salmon River (not to be confused with the newly opened Lower Lower White Salmon River). We first discussed this work and the resulting river closure in the blog post River Closure Notice for Oregon and Washington River Rafting and Kayaking.

For more info read this email from Williams Northwest Pipeline.

Dear White Salmon River Community,

As we have communicated previously, maintenance on our pipeline crossing the White Salmon River will require closing the river to boaters and other river traffic on four separate days during the coming month. Below highlighted in red are the windows during which those closures will occur, according to our current schedule. If any of these dates change I will send an update to this distribution. We are making efforts to limit construction over the river to weekdays, understanding there may be more boating activity on weekends. Our hope is to have no closure of the river on a weekend.

White Salmon River Closure Dates

We will have personnel stationed to alert the public on the days and times construction occurs.

Our project information line is: 1-866-670-9455