New Husum Falls T-Shirts

In my childhood home, we have a quilt made of t-shirts. It’s a piece of very cherished art. Every shirt has a story, with a logo or a caption of some sort, maybe with a little sketch, and probably has some sort of coffee stain since it was worn mostly as a pajama shirt before it became a part of the quilt. The catch is that every shirt has a specific, special memory tied to it, and while we would no longer wear the shirts out in public, we can never bring ourselves to get rid of them. 

At Wet Planet, we not only love all things whitewater, but we also love a great shirt. And, we take pride in the graphic designs of our shirts! It’s cool to have a cool shirt that associates with your adventures and growing passion for what we do here at Wet Planet, right?  Something unique, something beautiful, something you’re proud to show off, and something that one day may be included in a colorful quilt.  

Hat from Blowfish Designs & Tanks from Tommy Hood Creative

In line with our philosophy to use local resources as much as possible, we really enjoy working with some very talented artists and printers from the Columbia River Gorge area to make fun, interesting and stylish (we think!) designs for shirts and caps to help commemorate your whitewater adventure and your time spent with Wet Planet. With an assortment of apparel to choose from – hats, sweatshirts, tanks, and tees – we think we have some of the coolest apparel in town! And our visitors do, too! 

Eliza’s Flowy Style in Full Effect

Behind the designs:

Eliza Carver:

Eliza Carver is one of the main chefs behind our tasteful designs. She first moved to White Salmon to work with Wet Planet as our graphic designer. As her career expanded and she became her own boss she continued to be our main source for unique and amazing artwork. She has a distinguished flowy style that can be seen all around the Gorge. 

Eliza’s Flowy Style in Full Effect

Eliza’s Husum Falls Original Design

Eliza’s Columbia River Gorge Waterfall and Mt. Adams Original

Eliza’s Columbia River Gorge and White Salmon River Map

Tommy Hood:

Tommy Hood Creative is a big name in the Gorge, having created very distinct designs and brands for many booming local companies in the Gorge like Everybody’s Brewing, North Shore Cafe, Blue Bus, and now also for Wet Planet! 

The All-New White Salmon, WA Wet Planet Rafting Salmon Design from Tommy Hood

The All-New PNW Wet Planet Rivers Design from Tommy Hood

Wet Planet Rafting Over Husum Falls with Mt. Adams in the Background, A Tommy Hood Original

Recap Hats:

Recap hats are made with reused fabrics, reclaimed yarn, and hand carved block prints (designed in-house at Wet Planet by Eliza). Every hat is as unique as the person who buys it. This concept was born off the idea of creating something lovely from something that would otherwise be considered worthless. It’s a hat you can feel great about buying.  

Recap Hats with Eliza’s Block Print Design

Blowfish Hats:

Blowfish Designs is owned and managed by Chris and Erin Erickson in Bingen, WA. They source their fabrics directly from the designers, other small family businesses, or custom designs them to keep their footprint low and their relationships traceable.

Wet Planet Staffer Will Wearing a Blowfish Designs Hat and the All-New White Salmon, WA Rafting Salmon Design from Tommy Hood

The All-New White Salmon, WA Rafting Salmon Design from Tommy Hood

Columbia Graphics:

Keeping with the tradition of utilizing local flavors and talent, Wet Planet works closely with Columbia Graphics in Hood River. With the freedom to design our own graphics and choose merchandise from a variety of manufacturers, Rene and Francois Pelletier at Columbia Graphics help us create shirts to fit our company and our guests. Their expertise in the art of screen printing is what makes our designs go from blueprint into a masterpiece!

A screen print from Columbia Graphics

A screen print from Columbia Graphics

Want to get in on all of our new designs and gear? Join us for rafting or kayaking on the White Salmon River and shop around while you’re here. Need something before your trip, or did you already visit but saw a design you like in this article? Give us a call, let us know which design you want and we will get you geared up! 

Josephine is a jack-of-all-trades at Wet Planet, contributing to Wet Planet’s reservations team, marketing team and guiding on the river. Josephine is currently completing her degree in Business and Sustainability at Western Washington University. With the goal of helping the outdoor industry become more environmentally savvy, Josephine is combining her education in sustainable marketing with her passion for outdoor recreation at Wet Planet. 

Josephine at her home in White Salmon, WA