If you haven’t heard yet, it’s official. PacifiCorp announced yesterday that the construction on the temporary take-out at Northwestern Park is complete.

We let you know in the last Condit Dam Watch post that PacifiCorp was close to completing construction on the temporary take-out. Well, turns out they really were close to completion. Boaters are now able to use the take-out when running the White Salmon River. PacifiCorp does advise that boaters be aware of and cautious with the ongoing construction in the area of the park. The following is the email we received yesterday from PacifiCorp with the official announcement:

“Re: NW Park Takeout

Please be advised that the temporary boat ramp at NW Park is ready for use. Please be aware of construction fencing and construction traffic within and around the park.
Signage is on order and will be placed in the next two weeks.
Arianne ”

So, our rafting trips this weekend will be the first White Salmon River trips to float the new section of river down to Northwestern (used to be lake) Park.

Author Todd Collins lives on the White Salmon River in BZ Corner and works year round for Wet Planet.