Two teenage female kayakers run a rapid together in their kayaks.
A young kayaker on the kids' kayaking camp paddles his kayak and celebrates with his fist raised in the air.
An instructor on the kids' kayaking camp holds onto the kayak of a young girl while explaining kayak technique.
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Outdoor Programs and Adventure Camps

Customize a whitewater adventure for your youth group!


Custom Programs May - Sept

Building Skills Through a Whitewater Adventure!

Are you looking for a fun, memorable, and challenging adventure for your outdoor program or teen adventure camp? Whitewater rafting and kayaking challenge participants to work as a team, develop leadership skills, and increase self-confidence. Most importantly, participants smile and laugh all day in one of the country’s most spectacular environments.

We invite you to explore the possibilities of whitewater rafting and kayaking at Wet Planet for your outdoor program or adventure camp!

The Columbia River Gorge as an Adventure Playground

Located in the Columbia River Gorge, Wet Planet sits at the epicenter for every type of outdoor activity. Our program specialists can help you find a river rafting trip or kayak course designed to work within your unique program.

From one-day rafting trips that fit into a break during your group’s travel days to week-long kayak camps, we can design a custom whitewater program to meet your group’s goals.

Working with Your Group Leaders

Working with adventure groups is our specialty. We enjoy developing custom programs that fit your group’s itinerary and goals.

As a leadership team, we help participants develop leadership abilities, gain confidence in the outdoors, and increase wilderness skills, all while making new friends and having a great time. Let us handle the rafting and kayaking side of your program while ensuring that your group’s leaders keep working and meeting your group or camp goals.

Who We Customize Programs For

  • College students in outdoor programs
  • Adventure and outdoor education camps
  • Boy and Girl Scout summer camps
  • Ski and snowboard camps
  • Teens and adults in between summer camps
  • School programs

How Our Programs Benefit Your Group

  • Built-in team building through rafting and kayaking activities
  • Fun, memorable stories for a lasting impression your group can share with family and friends
  • Introduction of a technical skill, which is difficult for most individuals to learn on their own
  • Bragging rights for your group, “My summer camp went rafting and kayaking!”
  • Additional educational opportunities are found on the Northwest’s Wild and Scenic Rivers, rich in ecology and history

By adding a whitewater experience to your program, your group leaders can focus on specific goals while we take care of the logistics, equipment, and specialized instruction on the water. We want to be your partner, helping to meet your high standards for professionalism in the outdoors.

Most of all, your group will have fun with a unique experience not found in other outdoor programs.

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