A female kayaker smiles at the camera while running a rapid on an intermediate kayak instrction course.
A group of kayakers watches a kayak practice ferrying on an intermediate kayak instruction course.
A female kayaking student paddles a rapid on a beginner kayaking course. Wet Planet Whitewater in Washington Oregon Idaho

Intermediate Whitewater Kayak Instruction


1 day June - Aug
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    Difficulty: Intermediate

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    Includes: lunch & all equipment

If you are working on building confidence, comfort and skill in harder whitewater, then this is the course for you.  Committing to a full day of intermediate instruction will allow you to push yourself and work on your skills with instructors who can give you the specific, detailed feedback that you need to progress.

Course Requirements: Previous whitewater kayak experience required. Comfortable making harder moves in Class II, such as catching challenging eddies, S-turns, and ferrying in fast current. Please refer to our kayaking skills overview to determine if this is the appropriate course for you.

What happens on a day of Intermediate Whitewater Instruction?

You and your instructor, along with the rest of your class will discuss your goals for the course and types of skills you wish to improve. Sometimes students come to us with specific goals, such as preparing to paddle a fully loaded boat for a self-support multi-day trip. Other times students are not sure exactly why they are having trouble executing certain maneuvers and need a new set of eyes and tips from the pros. With this information, as well as a brief history of your experience, we choose from multiple locations to find the ideal setting to achieve your goals.  Our headquarters rests in one of the top kayaking destinations in the country; you can be sure that we can find the perfect place to help you build your skills.

Join our monthly scheduled Intermediate Class, or schedule your own private 1/1 instruction on any available mid-week day. This course is based out of our headquarters and includes lunch, transportation, and all equipment necessary (unless you want to bring your own).

Our Instructors

From refining stroke timing and technique to mastering harder lines and maneuvers, our instructors work closely with each student to help them meet their goals. We combine hands-on instruction and practice to help students improve their technique and master new moves.  Our team of instructors has decades of experience helping kayakers achieve their goals.  Mostly, we are passionate about helping others discover a lifelong love for kayaking. Give us a call to discuss your specific needs. We can match you with the perfect instructor, or feel free to request an instructor you have worked with previously. Check out the Instruction Staff bios here!

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