By Susan Hollingsworth

So you’ve gotten into this whitewater thing and want to learn more, possibly even score some free gear.  The Upper Clack Fest is for you.

Spring whitewater festivals have been filling the weekends for most of the boaters in the Pacific Northwest. From the Northwest Creeking Competition to the Sandy River Showdown, local shops and groups have sponsored events that bring together every type of whitewater boat: kayaks, rafters, catarafters, stand-up boarders, Ik-ers and more.

Next weekend the 28th Annual Upper Clackamas Whitewater Fest, May 14th & 15th, might just be the biggest of them all.Join Heather and Susan for a FREE kayak instruction clinic sponsored by Wet Planet

Wet Planet is excited to have two of their favorite kayak instructors leading on and off water clinics for this annual river extravaganza.

Heather Herbeck will be leading Strokes and Concepts of Kayaking, with Susan Hollingsworth assisting. Join them on the river on Sunday morning at 10am for a better understanding of how your movements get you to where you want to go on the river.

Answer burning questions like:

  • How do I catch that eddy?
  • What makes my boat go faster?
  • Why do I always flip over?

To warm up for this free clinic (appropriate for class II – IV paddlers), join Susan for a morning yoga session…with a twist.

Not just your average yoga workout, this is a Union Suit Yoga class Sunday at 9:00am. Pull on your union suit, onezy, bunny suit or any totally awesome paddling baselayer. The brighter the better.

The yoga class will focus on building strength and flexibility specific to the movements of paddlers: torso rotation, proper shoulder positioning and core strength. You’ll also learn techniques to focus better and decrease anxiety (a helpful technique when running harder whitewater).

The best part?

Every yoga participant will be entered in a drawing for a free Immersion Research Unionsuit!  Thats a $95 value!

Remember, this is an opportunity to get these lady’s expert advice for FREE. Plus, they are just really fun to hang out with. They enjoy volunteering for events like the Upper Clack Fest almost as much as we enjoy paddling with them.

Check out other free clinics throughout the weekend of whitewater fun:

  • Un-pinning Your Boat and Rope Systems with Swiftwater Rescue Instructor Keith Gillespie
  • Dutch Oven Cooking Demo
  • Shoulder Injuries: Prevention and Returning to Paddling
  • Soft Tissue Injuries with Eric Boggs

There will also be 12 different races, free shuttles, a silent auction and raffle, and a live band.

Don’t miss this opportunity to meet new boaters and learn more about the sport you love!