Washington and Oregon Whitewater Rafting & Kayaking Frequent Floaters Program

Earn River Miles to Raft or Kayak for FREE!

At Wet Planet Rafting and Kayaking, nothing is more rewarding than developing a relationship with our guests as they return every year for the Wet Planet experience on our river rafting trips and kayak courses.

Now we want to reward you.

From the rafters who return to try different rivers to the kayakers who took their first strokes with us and now take advantage of our advanced instruction, or even the rafters turned kayakers, we want to thank and reward those frequent floaters who keep coming back for more.

The record was set last summer with several guests joining Wet Planet for seven trips on the river in a single season!

The Wet Planet Rafting and Kayaking Frequent Floater Program

Each time you take a day rafting trip or kayaking course with Wet Planet, you will earn two river miles. These miles can be redeemed at any time for a variety of rewards, from a free espresso in the Wet Planet Café to a free Whitewater Rafting trip! You can spend your miles as soon as you earn them or anytime through next season. The choice is yours!

Wet Planet River Miles can be redeemed for:

1 free 16oz Drink of your choice at the Wet Planet Cafe!

1 free Wet Planet Water Bottle!

1 free Wet Planet T-shirt of choice!

1 free rafting trip on the White Salmon or 1 free Rolling Session at the Wet Planet Kayak Pool

1 free rafting trip on either the WindKlickitat, or Tieton Rivers

Frequent Floater Program Rules

River Miles are not transferable from person to person. No other discounts will apply when redeeming river miles for a free White Salmon Trip. River miles are good for the season in which they were earned and the following season. Miles expire after the last day of the 2nd season. Keep track! If you can’t remember how many miles you’ve earned, feel free to email us to find out. Once used, your miles are gone.

An example of how you can use your river miles to raft for free:

Susie Whitewater earned a total of 14 river miles with Wet Planet during the 2005 whitewater season:

One Wind River Trip (2 river miles)
One Klickitat River Trip (2 river miles)
Three White Salmon River trips (2 river miles each trip)
One Two-Day Beginner Kayak Course (2 river miles each day)

Susie used 4 river miles after her kayak course to receive a free 16oz White Hazelnut Latte at the Wet Planet Café, leaving her with 10 river miles.

Susie Whitewater can redeem these 10 river miles for a free whitewater rafting trip on the White Salmon River or a free kayak pool session. OR, Susie only needs to earn two more river miles by participating in any day of whitewater rafting or kayaking with Wet Planet, and she’ll be eligible for a free whitewater rafting trip on either the Klickitat, Wind, or Tieton Rivers.