An excited onlooker after the breach of Condit Dam.

By Susan Hollingsworth

As far as blogs that incite my intrigue immediately, this one is topping the charts lately.

Andy Maser and Steve Stampfli have kept the public informed and entertained with news, photos and video of the removal of Condit Dam and the restoration of the White Salmon River through White Salmon Restored: A Timelapse Project.

This week we can see:

  • Comparison photos of Northwestern Lake before and after the October breach of Condit Dam,
  • Drastic erosion of massive sediment loads alongside the ever-evolving river channel,
  • A sad Rod Engle and a salmon redd,
  • Salmon eyes,
  • Calender-worthy shots of the new stretch of the White Salmon River under it’s first snowfall,
  • Video from the blast, because that will never get old.

More Condit Dam Removal Video

Andy has also filmed and edited another video short with interviews from US Fish and Wildlife’s Rod Engle and PacifiCorp’s Todd Olsen.

Following the progress of the quickly evolving river has got whitewater kayakers, anglers, whitewater rafters, local Columbia River Gorge residents, and river restoration professionals all over the country watching closely. The White Salmon River may prove to be a shining example of restoring a river for salmon and steelhead passage, potentially leading to other projects that recover lost natural resources for these endangered fish and the communities that recreate on the water.

Stay tuned about the progress of the White Salmon River’s restoration by following our blog!

Susan Hollingsworth