By Susan Hollingsworth

For the past three weeks the removal of Condit Dam can be found on nearly every major news source throughout the country, from Portland’s Oregonian to CNN.

A landmark river restoration event, everyone wants to display the impressive images of the blast.

However, it has been the work of one individual’s dedication to the highest quality photography and video that have gotten the news spread so far and wide.

Andy Maser filmed and edited footage of the blast creating the best film from the Condit Dam Blast and the newly freed White Salmon River.  As a previous National Geographic Young Explorer, Nat Geo took advantage of his talent once again, displaying the edit on their prestigious website.

With help from Steve Stamplfi, American Whitewater and other sponsors, Andy has set up two timelapse camera stations to document nearly 2 years of progress on the restoration of the White Salmon River.  On the day of the blast, Andy set up several other camera stations to catch the epic draining of the lake and the ensuing flood downstream.

We can’t wait to see what this guy comes out with next.