By Susan Hollingsworth

A variety of people will rejoice this Wednesday during the first breach of Condit Dam on the White Salmon River. Oregonian features Condit Dam on Sunday's front page story!

From the Native Americans whose ancestry is linked to the White Salmon for generations, to the fish biologists who live to see salmon spawning, to the whitewaters kayakers who intimately know every drop of water that flows from the glaciers on Mt Adams all the way to the Columbia.

This Sunday’s issue of the Oregonian tells the story of three individuals who all stand eagerly along the river, waiting for the river to burst free from Condit Dam.

Wet Planet’s Susan Hollingsworth was fortunate enough to be featured in this cover story, telling the greater Portland metro area about her personal connection with the flow of the river and the conservation movement associated with this monumental river restoration.

Susan Hollingsworth featured as "The Kayaker" in the Oregonian's Condit Dam storyFish biogist Rod Engle and Yakima nations tribal elder Tony Washines also spoke about their excitement for the river to return to its natural state.  Journalist Scott Learn weaves together these three perspectives, a kayaker, a tribal elder, and a fish biologist, to show the sweeping affect the river has upon everyone.

Read the full story and you’ll understand why so many people are so passionate about the removal of Condit Dam.

Don’t forget to be a part of the big moment!  Tune into our White Salmon River Condit Dam Breach page on Wednesday around 12:00 for a live-video feed of the Big Blast!  Also, be sure to get out to one of the Condit Removal events around the Columbia River Gorge this week to raise a glass with fellow conservationists, kayakers, fisherman, and river lovers.

by Susan Hollingsworth