By Susan Hollingsworth

As a kayaker, BZ Corners in south central Washington might just be the best place to live in all the Pacific Northwest. At least that is what kayaking professional Heather Herbeck says.

With the support of American Rivers and American Whitewater, Andy Maser has put together the second film in the “Year of the River” series, featuring this Wet Planet staff member and her personal connection to the White Salmon River.

Year of the River: Episode 2 from Andy Maser on Vimeo.

In the video Heather talks about living along the river, and venturing down every stretch of it’s whitewater – from class V to class I – right in her front yard. From dropping over it’s quintessential waterfalls on the Green Truss section to guiding rafts down the Middle section, Heather has experienced the rapids of the White Salmon in almost every wayHeather Herbeck teaches Wet Planet's Kids Clinic every summer possible. Paddling to work, paddling on her lunch break, and paddling just for fun, Heather loves living along this incredible whitewater rafting and kayaking river in the Columbia River Gorge.

Heather, as well as many other whitewater kayakers in the Northwest, is looking forward to the new whitewater that Condit Dam’s removal will provide.

Andy also features Phyllis Clausen, a river advocate on the White Salmon River with Friends of the White Salmon for over 30 years. Her words and story are some of the most inspiring video footage in the river restoration movement.

Also included in the film are Wet Planet raft guides and instructors Cat Cerne, Tyler Houck, Susan Hollingsworth and Adam Elliott.

Author Susan Hollingsworth writes for Wet Planet Whitewater, Canoe & Kayak Magazine, American Whitewater, and any other river-related publication she can find.