Russ Howison from PacifiCorp just emailed (yesterday) another update on the progress of the removal of Condit Dam on the Lower White Salmon River. In a nut shell, they have successfully completed removal of the dam from the river. They have also removed a lot of wood from the logjam in the Narrows downstream of the dam site. The lower section of the river (below Northwestern Park) is still closed. There is still ongoing work on the shoreline which includes demolition and slope restoration. The work creates a hazard to boaters, so the river will be closed while the work continues. Here’s the email that we receieved from Russ:

“White Salmon Outfitters and local paddlers,

I wanted to provide you an update on the status of the Condit Dam removal and the ongoing closure of the river reach below Northwestern Park. The lower river section remains closed at this time due to the ongoing demolition of concrete structures and slope restoration along the flowline alignment above the east bank of the river. This work is taking place on steep slopes immediately adjacent the river channel and poses significant risk of debris and rock falling into the river. Up to two weeks may be needed to complete this portion of the Project.

On a more positive note, we have successfully completed the removal of the dam structure from the river. Additionally, we have removed a number of logs from the log jam in the narrows but a considerable amount of wood remains jammed in this location posing significant risks. As you know, the in-water-work period closed on September 15. We are currently evaluating the feasibility of removing additional woody material from the jam. Due to the current fall Chinook spawning run, any additional wood removal is suspended until early October.

I will keep you updated on the status of the flowline restoration effort and when this reach of the river will be open for public use.

Thank You,

Russ Howison
Hydro Resources
PacifiCorp Energy”

So, there’s the update. Thanks again to Russ for keeping us all informed.

Author Todd Collins lives on the White Salmon River in BZ Corner and works year round for Wet Planet.