There is nothing better than starting and ending a day of adventure in the Gorge with locally-sourced, hand-crafted meals from one of the many incredible local restaurants. For visitors and locals alike, there are a few spots that we just can’t get enough of. Check out the Wet Planet team’s favorite restaurants in the Columbia River Gorge, with our recommendations for where to grab breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Breakfast: White Salmon Baking Co.

The White Salmon Baking Co. is located in the heart of downtown White Salmon, making it the perfect place to start your day. Every morning, the bakery is buzzing with locals who are grabbing their daily cappuccino and bread for the week, and visitors who want a taste of the artisanal, locally-sourced menu. Grab a pastry to go, or enjoy a latte and a breakfast sandwich on the outdoor patio! Pro-tip: One night a week, you can order a hand-crafted pizza and a glass of wine on Monday Pizza Night!

  • Favorite Meal: Smoked Salmon Tartine
  • Favorite Bread: Rosemary Olive

Grab & Go Brunch: North Shore Café

Whether you’re looking for a hearty breakfast to start your day, casual coffee and pastries, or a grab & go bite, North Shore Café has something for everyone. We’re big fans of their house-made organic granola, and all-organic smoothies. We have to give a special shoutout to their vegan breakfast burritos – the combination of chipotle-spiced black beans, brown rice, sweet potatoes, toasted nuts, kale, red bell peppers, and garlic in a flour tortilla is truly mouth-watering.

  • Favorite Meal: Vegan Breakfast Burrito
  • Favorite Drink: Gorge Sunrise Smoothie

Lunch: Everybody’s Brewing

Everybody goes to Everybody’s (pun intended!). This is hands down our favorite place to grab a cold beer and a hearty meal after a hot day on the river. Chances are good that you’ll run into your river guides here! From burritos to burgers, their entire menu is incredible. All of their beer is crafted in house, and it’s the only brewery on the Washington side of the Gorge!

  • Favorite Drink: Mountain Mama Citra Pale Ale
  • Favorite Meal: Lamb Gyro

Appetizers & Cocktails: Henni’s Kitchen & Bar

For those who enjoy the finer things in life, Henni’s Kitchen & Bar is the place to go. Henni’s offers a fine dining experience in the Gorge. With a South African head chef and owner who came to White Salmon by way of New York, a variety of cultures influence Henni’s menu. That Big Apple influence also shows in the cocktails list – from the classics to full-on mixology, Henni’s makes some of the best drinks in town!

  • Favorite Appetizer: Bobotie
  • Favorite Cocktail: All of them!

Dinner: Solstice Wood Fire Café & Bar

Solstice is THE place to go for pizza in the Gorge. Their home-grown and house-made menu is both unique and delicious. Catch Big John slinging drinks on a Saturday night after he’s finished guiding your White Salmon River rafting trip. Sip on a signature cocktail, nom on an award-winning wood fired pizza, and soak in the views of the sunset over the Columbia River and Mt. Adams from their heated outdoor patio. It’s the perfect way to end your day!

  • Favorite Pizza: Country Girl Cherry Pizza
  • Favorite Drink: Farmers Daughter Cocktail

From artisanal bread, to craft beer, to hand-crafted pizza, these bakeries, cafes and restaurants are the perfect places to start and end your day in the Gorge. No matter where you go, Wet Planet’s favorite restaurants will leave you craving more!

Author Sharon Saltoon is a kayak instructor and Communications Manager at Wet Planet. She loves being a part of the team at Wet Planet and sharing her love of whitewater on and off the river!