Stephanie Ludlow rafted down the Wind River last Sunday, April 28. Here is her reaction to her epic adventure:

The Wind River is not for the faint of heart. As I set off on this adventure into the unknown, co-workers and friends offered me advice: “Call when you get off the river so we know you’re alive!” I’ll tell you now: running the river brought me to life! With miles of exciting rapids, amazing canyon scenery and expert guiding by my Wet Planet guide, Drew Parker, I was in a whole new world. I’ve rafted before on the White Salmon and other rivers, and this took the thrill to a new level!

Wind River white water rafting

The Wind river trip started at Wet Planet headquarters with all the essentials: coffee bar, changing rooms, great sunny deck! Then once geared up we’re onto a new place and adventure after a short bus ride. The river began narrow and slowly winding, a inconsequential start to a very action packed set of rapids. After a brief scout of Initiation Rapid, we set off with our hearty crew of 5. I felt comforted to know that we had two Wet Planet support kayakers waiting downstream for us should I end up out of the boat. The rapids just kept coming and past Initiation rapid we rafted almost a mile (which felt like many more miles!) of very continuous whitewater ending in Climax rapid. Throughout the whole experience, I felt the incredible control we had amidst the chaos. Once clear of the first miles of rapids, we celebrated, basked in the sun, and even enjoyed the scenic views the Wind River had to offer us.

Support kayakers and raft on a Wind River rafting trip

Our river guides at Wet Planet put on a delicious lunch riverside while we relaxed in the warm sun. We were witnessing a river canyon that is only accessible through the difficult Class IV and V rapids we had just run through. The Wind River is a special place that few people get to experience. After lunch we rafted down a few more miles, past many spectacular waterfalls cascading into the river canyon. The Wind River runs best in the Spring time for rafting, so the many cascades that come into the canyon are flowing when the river is raftable, making for a pristine experience. We are lucky to have the Wind in the backyard of Hood River and the Columbia River Gorge for rafters to enjoy!

Thank you Wet Planet for the epic, memorable experience.

By Stephanie Ludlow

Wet Planet is currently running Wind River trips. If you’re ready for the next level of adventure, call 800.306.1673 or reserve online now!