The 2012 White Salmon Riverfest and Symposium is Here!

By Susan Hollingsworth

The 7th Annual White Salmon Riverfest and Symposium is shaping up to be the biggest celebration of our river ever.

On Saturday June 9th we’ll take you on a full-tour of the White Salmon River, help you take home awesome prizes from your favorite local businesses and river gear manufacturers, and give you some stompin’ good music to celebrate into the evening.

We invite local community members, kayaking and rafting enthusiasts, and visitors to come immerse yourself in this mighty river for one great day of events.

This is the year to celebrate the White Salmon River as it is now flowing freely for the first time in over 100 years.

The White Salmon River is not just a premier rafting and kayaking destination.  It’s not just a pristine habitat for the endangered species of salmon and steelhead.  And it’s not just a source for peaceful enjoyment of the outdoors.

It’s all of this and more.

The White Salmon River flows through farms and communities.  It provides water to thousands and a source of enjoyment to millions.  With the removal of Condit Dam, the salmon and steelhead will soon return to their historic breeding grounds, rejuvinating the ecology and local economy of the region.

This year’s Riverfest seeks to capture that spirit of celebration, appreciation, and gratitude for the river that gives us so much.

Schedule of Riverfest and Symposium Events:Live music from the Shed Shakers at the 2012 White Salmon Riverfest and Symposium

9:30 am: Tour of Condit Dam (limited to the first 48 people!)

12:00 pm: Kayak and Raft Races down the Middle White Salmon

12:00 pm: Community Raft Float for locals only (Reserve your spot today!  Space is limited!)

4:00 pm: Symposium presentations on the return of fish and river restoration efforts from Yakima Nations Fisheries, PacifiCorp and Friends of the White Salmon River.

6:00 pm: BBQ, Raffle drawings

7:30 pm: Live music from the Shed Shakers

Raising Money for a Healthy, Free-flowing River

Riverfest to benefit Friends of the White Salmon River

We are proud to announce that all profits from this year’s entry fees and raffle will be donated to two organizations that have worked tirelessly to speak up for the river.

Riverfest to benefit American WhitewaterThe Friends of the White Salmon, FWSR, has used grassroots passion to speak up for the river, helping to protect its pristine waters from further degradation and assisting in restoring fish passage to the river system.  While FWSR has gathered momentum locally, our friends at American Whitewater have helped raise awareness, access funds, and support on a national level.  Please help us keep this momentum going with your support.

Entry Fees:

$25: Dam Tour + Community Raft Trip

$10: BBQ, Symposium and Live Music

$15: Dam Tour + Kayak Races + BBQ, Symposium, music

Raffle Bonanza

Your donation to the Riverfest could bring a big return.  This year’s raffle includes gift certificates, river gear, wine, and goods from local organizations and national river gear manufacturers.  Check out our Riverfest Blog for a list of this year’s sponsors.  You’re sure to walk away with something!

All the ingredients for a river festival are there, except for you!